Dr. Ben Carson’s Comments About Muslim Presidents Aren’t the Problem


Dr Ben Carson

Dr. Ben Carson made some controversial comments in an interview with Chuck Todd. The one that is causing a furor right now concerns his belief that a Muslim should not be president.

He said he “would not advocate to put a Muslim in charge of this nation.” What he didn’t say is a Muslim couldn’t be president. He expressed an opinion.

It’s best to listen to his comments first.

Muslim organizations are demanding Carson drop out of the race. Pundits, the White House, Hillary Clinton are tearing into him for his allegedly near-racist comments.

That to me is the problem. His comments aren’t the problem. It’s the reaction of Americans to his use of free speech.

People can argue that he was foolish and they can say they won’t vote for him but to try to shut him down is unAmerican.

CAIR, a sketchy organization that claims to speak for all Muslims, is demanding he drop out. Wouldn’t it be better if they explained why he’s wrong?

Shariah Law appears to be fully in opposition to our constitution. Do they want to tell us that Shariah Law is not followed? Then let them tell us that but don’t tell Dr. Carson he can’t express his viewpoint on an issue that should be discussed.

Americans need to better understand how Islam will not work against our founding principles if that is the case.

Americans, pundits in particular, should be concerned about the shutting down of free speech. So-called Republican pundits shouldn’t be feeding their own to the left.



    • Hi Jay,
      Some told me I responded too much and I really do prefer reading other peoples’ opinions to my own. A lot of times, there’s not much more to say.

      That’s a great link. Will have to include it in my next article on the subject.

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