Dr. Benjamin Carson’s Remarkable Speech Could Inspire A Nation But Not Obama

Dr. Benjamin Carson
Dr. Benjamin Carson

This speech by Dr. Benjamin Carson might bring tears to your eyes. Dr. Benjamin Carson is a world renowned pediatric neurosurgeon. Cuba Gooding made a TV movie about his life called “Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story.”

His mother married at 13 and only had a 3rd grade education. His father was a bigamist. He was not a good student, had a poor self-image and a terrible temper. He was called “dumbie” as a kid. He lived in dire poverty.

Dr. Carson, however, had something important – a mother who believed in him. She never allowed herself to be a victim. She never made excuses and accepted none from them.

At 3:00 minutes, Dr. Carson says that PC is dangerous. One of the founding principles was freedom of thought and freedom of expression, he said. PC muffles people, it muzzles them and keeps them from discussing specific issues while the fabric of this nation is being changed. He recommends forgetting about unanimity of thought and speech to concentrate on being respectful to one another to effectuate real change.

At 6:00 minutes, he talks about the 30% in our country who do not graduate high school and the 44% who do not finish college despite the fact that we are living in the age of information and technology.

He said the reason that slaves were not allowed to be taught how to read was because, when you educate the man, you liberate the man.

His mother had the wisdom to make them learn.

At 10:39, he talks about Alexis de Toqueville who was blown away by our balanced system of government. The 6th grade exam in those days was harder than most tests college student could pass today. He emphasized the problem of the dumbing-down of our nation.

At 17:20, he talks about ancient Rome destroying themselves from within because of moral decay and fiscal irresponsibility.

At 18:16 he says our debt is a big problem. At about 19:00, he repeats a parable of the unfairness of social justice and the benefits of a tithe system of taxation. He does not believe the rich have to be hurt.

At 21:00, he describes a remarkable health care system he envisions that includes a Health Savings Account, an account that is under the control of the patient. It is an excellent idea and it is the opposite of what Barack Obama is suggesting.

His speech is peppered with humor and it is worth listening to every word.

He ends his speech with a beautiful patriotic tribute.

What was particularly remarkable about this courageous man’s speech was that he said it in front of President Barack Obama at the National Prayer Breakfast. I only wish some of the religious officials would make speeches like this.

Obama appeared glum and unreceptive. I only hope he heard it and considers the ideas.

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