Dr. Blasey’s Friend of 40 Years Admits the Truth


Christine Blasey’s friend of forty years — a former classmate of hers —  a woman by the name of Samantha Guerry was interviewed on CNN by Jim Acosta. She said the accusations made by her friend are consistent with things that happened to the “community of women she knows.”

Huh? What’s that you say? What does that mean in terms of the judge? Ms. Guerry knew Judge Kavanaugh then.

Ms. Guerry was asked if she knows anything about Ms. Blasey’s accusations being true or not true.

Nope, she doesn’t know a thing.

Doesn’t that suggest she could be a witness to the fact that there is no evidence from that time? Blasey obviously didn’t even tell her friend.

Guerry said those sort of things went on but not with respect to Judge Kavanaugh. She never heard anything like that against Judge Kavanaugh.

The truth is she never heard any such allegation against the judge. Case closed.

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