Dr. Carson Makes the Case for Cutting This Big Government Department


Dr. Carson

Dr. Ben Carson is polling well among GOP hopefuls. He’s described by some as slow and steady. He gains attention with comments like those he made on Dave Ramsey’s show Wednesday.

Any time a candidate says “the size of government needs to be reduced,” limited government Republicans listen.

Carson told Dave Ramsey that Veteran’s Affairs is one department that needs to go.

GOP opposition over the size of government has been muted, possibly because Republicans have also become the party of Big Government.

We as Americans focus too much on party and not substance, blindly voting for one party over another. Unfortunately, the Democratic party has moved so far left, it’s hard to find a Democrat to vote for.

Dr. Carson said the government is too big and he used the Veteran’s Affairs as an example of a department that is not needed. He recommended putting it under the Department of Defense.

His focus was on the care of our soldiers. He would like to see health savings accounts given to veterans which would allow them to go to any hospital of their choosing and he wants to see them cared for without any breaks and any unemployment.

“We need to be looking at the way that we take care of soldiers. You know 14 percent down recruitment for our voluntary Army right now. Why? Because they’re looking at what we’re doing to our veterans,” he said.

“When a person applies to the military, they should be in a support system immediately from day one, particularly when they go through combat, because that’s when all the trauma is occurring, and we should have people in place a year before their time of discharge to be working on their integration back into society,” Carson added.

“There shouldn’t be a period of unemployment when they come out of the military, and they should have a health savings account, which allows them to go to any medical facility in the country, and we should be delighted to take care of them,” he said.

“We should use the VA facilities for specialized care for traumatic brain injury, limb replacements, and research,” Carson added.

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