Dr. Gorka Explains Exactly What Trump Is Doing with DACA, Chuck and Nancy


Dr. Sebastian Gorka joined American Greatness Publisher Chris Buskirk to discuss President Trump’s DACA stance and cooperative dealings with Chuck and Nancy.

DACA are the so-called DREAMers who were said to have been taken to the United States as children. People up to 36 years were allowed to apply, even without documentation, and almost every person was accepted. No other country in the world allows children of illegal immigrants to remain in their country.

That being said, most Americans are sympathetic to these people and don’t want them deported. The President doesn’t want them deported either but he wants them to stay legally, not unconstitutionally as they were under Obama.

People are very concerned about the President possibly changing his stand on DACA and on dealing with manipulative operators, namely Democrat congressional leaders, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi.

What you see is what you get

Dr. Gorka puts peoples’ minds at ease. He said the President is not some Machiavellian operator, he wants to do what is right for Americans at the end of the day. He is “not going to sell us up the river, I tell you that.”

About DACA, Gorka said Trump is very kind-hearted and won’t deport innocent people but criminals must be deported. Dr. Gorka explains:

Gorka: Okay, so two things are important. The way I explain what’s happened in the last seven days is the following.

Number one, the original response to DACA from the president is quintessential Donald Trump. He said, “Look, this is un-American because it’s unconstitutional.” President Obama behaved like an emperor when he created DACA. He has no right to legislate from the Oval Office, and that’s why he told to the attorney general, “End it now.” That’s why AG Sessions said, “DACA is over.”

However, Donald Trump, if you’ve read anything about him, to get his own books, read the real books not the tag jobs, the real books about him.

He is one of the most charitable, kind-hearted men you’ll ever meet. He doesn’t wear it on his sleeve, he’s very quiet about it, but he is a very warm-hearted individual. He is not prepared to see young men and women who have not committed any crime of their own doing, be deported from this nation.

He said to Congress, “Guys, let’s work this out.” Criminals, we get rid of them, and he’s absolutely adamant. You’re a member of MS-13, you’re a Dreamer who’s killed somebody, as has happened, you are going to be imprisoned or be deported. End of story.

For those people who have not committed any crime beyond being brought here as a child by their parents, we’ve got to find a solution that comports with our Judeo-Christian charitable basis. Those are the things we have to understand about what the president is doing. It’s hard to guarantee them.

About working with Chuck and Nancy, he said if you keep failing him, he won’t go back to them [the GOP] to let them fail him over and over. He wants to get things done. He has drawn the requisite conclusions and he fired a torpedo across the bow of the congressional Republicans:

Gorka: The last thing is the political aspect. When he met with those people, when he had Chuck and Nancy, sounds like Sid Vicious, right?

Buskirk: Exactly, yeah.

Gorka: When they came for dinner and they came to the Oval, he wasn’t firing a shot over the bow of the GOP establishment. He was firing a torpedo into the hull of the GOP establishment. He’s sending a message, “You want to fail me again? You don’t understand who won on November 8th? Guess what, there are other people I can work with and hopefully, hopefully those people who are mired in their own establishment dreck, like Paul Ryan, will wake up and understand who won the election last November.

Buskirk: Yeah, I mean, in that sense, I mean, this was where I think President Trump is so good, because he does have that, as you put it, he has this instinctual understanding of how to use his power, and what works. Right, I mean, this is the deal maker, and he’s saying, “Look, the Congress has done nothing, really, of note in the past eight months.” The president’s very energetic, likes to get things done. He says, “OK, if I can’t work with A, I’ll work with B.”

The GOP is with him or they lose

Finally, Gorka explains that Trump will not be stopped and he is unencumbered by the usual political class concerns:

The important thing to remember, and I like that analogy, and people should really read his book, The Art of the Deal. We’ve done studies with this man, and he will not be stopped, okay?

He will not conform to existing patterns on how you get things done. He is totally unencumbered by the objectives that the business-as-usual political class has.

Remember, he came to this city with no political baggage at all. He doesn’t have a retinue he has to keep in place. He doesn’t have to guarantee sinecures for a whole schlep of people he brought with him from his state or from his previous political position. As such, he can simply focus on the objective.

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