Dr. Kory claims up to 200 members of Congress have used ivermectin


Dr. Kory of Frontline Doctors claims members of Congress, their families, and staffers have been treated with ivermectin. Dr. Kory says he got it from a source in the know.

We can’t say. We’re simply reporting. If true, it would be unsurprising. The peasants can’t get ivermectin because politicians say it doesn’t work and they’ve essentially banned it.

It wouldn’t be unusual for Congress to get whatever benefits we don’t. They also often exempt themselves from their own onerous rules and laws.

We really should have data before we believe this, but it’s interesting.



  1. I listened today to an Aussie tell make the claims, and I don’t doubt them, that Ivermectin is banned, doctors who prescribe it for COVID will be fined and lose their license but hospitalized COVID patients who have taken the shot are given Ivermectin while those who have not taken the shot are put on ventilators. And above all remember the Australian took away guns in 1996 to make Aussies safe from gun violence. They forgot to mention the population would have no defense against a totalitarian government.
    “Those who who are willing to give up liberty for safety will neither have nor deserve either.” Ben Franklin paraphrased.

  2. “Patients are being thrown back into a state of chaos and fear,” said Nancy Northup, president of the Center for Reproductive Rights
    Remember the Contract With America that New Gingrich put as much into place as he could because Democrats successfully blocked much of it? One of the tenets that passed was the House and members must comply with all laws passed for the rest of us. That went out the window when Democrats regained control in the 2006 election. So now we see the double standard in action AGAIN!

  3. Keeping up my Zinc, Turmeric, Vitamin B, and others.
    Big coffee drinker so B-12 and B complex are on the menu along with D and C.
    Add Vitamin E in the winter when the sun is far away.
    Walkabout even if it is rainy out as I have raingear boonie hat and Scotchgard treated coat from a HS school buddy who owns a dry cleaners.
    Staying away from Long Marching Marxist U. campers known as McHealthcarez and they are spamming via snail mail and phone phishing for appointments and they can eat road apples.
    Don’t let the “elites” get to smirking, make sure their fear tactics aren’t working (h/t-A Dub)

  4. I obtained ivermectin and HCQ from a link given by the frontline doctors. It all comes from India. No prescription is required. It cost about $1 a capsule. These drugs are so cheap to produce that they make a good profit and I get a great deal. This is in the freezer for long term storage.

    These drugs can eliminate many viruses. This is a great threat to pharma. Illnesses and durations will be reduced. Pharma and NIH need people to get sick.

  5. The “new Covid pill” that Merck has applied a patent for….big $$$$….and producing is a protease inhibitor. Ivermectin is a protease inhibitor. Look at a world wide map of Covid cases, then look at Africa. Covid is virtually non-existent. What country do you think consumes the most anti-parasite, malaria and virus drugs?

    Covid is probably the biggest scam perpetuated upon the world in the history of mankind.

  6. I’m well stocked with “horse goo” Ivermectin, for 3 years ahead. For those who don’t know, the horse variety is compounded exactly the same as for humans, you take it according to your body weight, the tube plunger is graduated in 50 pound increments. I take it twice a month, 3 days apart each dose, (the 15th and 18th) and that gives me immunity from corona-type viruses including the flu. Oddly my toe fungus of 20 years standing seems to be clearing up as well.
    You can buy this from most any online feed store, shop around, I get mine for under $6 a tube, that’s about 10 doses for my weight.

    • The new drug called molnupiravir being produced by Merck, has been shown to cause birth defects and cancer, based on a study out of India. Early treatment is beneficial to a full recovery. And if you’re fortunate to find ivermectin and hydroxycloroquine, that’s even better. Dr. Kory has put together the I-Mask protocol on FLCCC, with his recommendations for prevention, early treatment and Long covid.

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