Drag Queens for 3-year olds, WaPo’s “perfect foil” to Donald Trump


In addition to denying biology and pretending people can change genders, we have the glorification of drag queens. They are normalized so much so that they do storytime for tiny children. Do we now want our children to look to drag queen life as a career path?

We don’t want drag queens treated disrespectfully, but, at what age do we engage? We’ve gone from acceptance to indoctrination.


The Washington Post thinks they are the perfect foil to Trump. The article linked below contends they are the community mouthpieces. They are trying to sell drag queens as primarily making political statements. Tha’s disingenuous and a selling point only. It ignores the real reasons they do it — mainly, sexual, very sexual, and gender transitional reasons.

“In the queer community — and this is something that a more broad audience might not know — drag queens are kind of looked at as community leaders and mouthpieces,” said Myles. They “ride out first with their sword in the air,” WaPo states.

The act of dressing in drag has long been a political statement — it’s an act of rebellion against societal norms and an art form that elevates the voices of disenfranchised communities. And as drag has attracted a new, mainstream audience — one that might see it purely as entertainment — there have been efforts to make the connection more overt.

Why are people allowing their children to become part of this? Can’t they have a childhood?

Let’s not forget the little children being taught to be drag queens.

The media, Democrats say this is normal. I can’t post this linked photo but can link to it as an example of how sexual and not-normal it is. It’s up to you if you want to click.

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