Dragged United Passenger Suffered Broken Nose, Possible Concussion, Lost 2 Teeth, Lawyer Says


Dr. Dao, the passenger dragged off a United Airline plane this past week, was being treated for a concussion[that doesn’t mean he actually has one], a broken nose and lost two teeth according to his attorney. The 69-year old doctor has no memory of running back on to the place.

This is why the CEO Oscar Munoz came out yesterday and said it couldn’t have been Dr. Dao’s fault despite telling security officers to go ahead and drag him off.

Attorney Thomas Demetrio said at a news conference Thursday that Dr. David Dao has been discharged from a hospital but will need reconstructive surgery.

Dao was removed from the plane Sunday after he refused to give up his seat on the full flight from Chicago to Louisville.

His daughter says the family was “horrified, shocked and sickened” to learn and see what happened. She said the reporting made it worse.

The lawyer says that airlines have “bullied” passengers “for a long time,” and that the man suffered a significant concussion and broken nose and lost two front teeth in the incident.

Lawyers representing the man who was bloodied and dragged from an overbooked United Airlines flight have compared his treatment at the hands of police ‘storm troopers’ to what was seen during the Vietnam War.

That sounds excessive as one who is familiar with what went on in Vietnam during the war.

The lawyer said he will “probably” file a lawsuit on Dr. Dao’s behalf.

It’s likely there will be a big settlement that will make that unnecessary.

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