DREAM Act Has Just Been Expanded, More Low-Skilled Workers Being Approved


The Obama directive allowing 800,00+ work permits for illegals has been expanded to include middle-school and high-school dropouts. All the dropouts have to do in exchange is enroll, just ENROLL, in a course to obtain a GED every couple years.

That will add another 350,000 low-skilled workers to our unemployment lines, welfare rolls and government school loan programs. The taxpayer is on the hook for all of it.

We are inviting trouble with this ill-conceived rule that will include little or no oversight. There is no way the government can process over a million people quickly on a case-by-case basis and do it accurately. The government is going to let everyone through with little monitoring.

I support giving special consideration to these youths but not this way, not like this.

The voters didn’t want this or the DREAM Act would have passed in each state.

This president and his minions are lawless, absolutely lawless. They make the laws up as they go and they violate others such as the federal immigration laws.

ICE agents are saying that criminal illegals, many of whom are youths, are allowed in with no regard for laws – anything goes.

This is a vote-getter among the Hispanic community for Obama. The election is his concern, not what he might do to the country.

Read the story at the Daily Caller and read about the DREAMers at Judicial Watch


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