Left “Outraged” over Gang Member DREAMer Detained by ICE


Daniel Ramirez Medina, a 23-year old Mexican national and an Obama DREAMer, was picked up by ICE in Seattle last week. He was granted amnesty under DACA but ICE is holding him because of his gang affiliations.

He’s being described as an “innocent” by the media and left-wing advocacy groups for illegal aliens. Political leaders are outraged. Rep. Jaypal demanded his immediate release.

In addition to him admitting he is a gang member, ICE found photos and social media contacts that made it obvious he was a gang member beyond his admission. Ramirez does not have a police record.

“ICE officers took Mr. Ramirez into custody based on his admitted gang affiliation and risk to public safety,” said agency spokeswoman Rose Richeson.

The left is protesting on his behalf and he has top lawyers defending him.

Advocacy groups say President Obama gave those protected under DACA protection from deportation. However, approval was always discretionary and Homeland Security said it retained the right to go after targets — and said Mr. Ramirez had become a target because of his gang affiliation.

They picked him up when they went to his house to pick up his father, an illegal alien felon who had been deported previously.

As a self-admitted gang member, he is in violation of the DACA policy. That would have made him a priority for deportation even under President Obama.

Since then, Ramirez has taken back his admission of gang membership and is blaming law enforcement for pressuring him to say he was a gang member.

Tomorrow, ICE will present its case in court.

Here’s the latest statement from ICE.

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7 years ago

Tomorrow, ICE will present its case in court.???????????????? why is there even a court case if your here illegally?????? this country is going bat shit crazy!!!!!!!