Driveby Media Misportrays Today’s Testimony on Trump’s Alleged Russia Interference


The fake news media is trying to portray the intelligence chiefs testifying before a Senate committee Wednesday as evasive. Andrea Mitchell went a step further and quoted Adam Schiff as saying their statements were, “carefully worded non-denials”. None of that is true. That’s not what happened.

Democrats were well-scripted today and they were angry that they didn’t get the testimony they wanted, so, now they are misrepresenting it.

The cabinet chiefs tried to stay out of the weeds during the testimony, but they were very clear in their answers to the key questions, the ones they felt they could answer.

They would not answer specific questions about the President because they felt it was inappropriate. However, they stated they have never felt pressured or had been asked to do anything “illegal,” “immoral” or “unethical”.

The fake news media has reported on numerous occasions that the White House requested information on how to influence an investigation. During today’s Senate Intelligence Committee testimony, the Democrats tried to get the chiefs to echo what the fake media reported. It didn’t happen.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was asked whether the White House requested advice on how to influence an investigation. He said, “Absolutely No”.

Everyone on the panel was asked the same question, including Admiral Mike Rogers the NSA Director, the Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe, and Dan Coats the Director of National Intelligence. They were confused by what media report Senator Rubio was referring to but they all said definitely “no”.

They all were asked over and over if they were pressured or directed to do anything to downplay the Russia investigation.

The fake news media reported that Director Coats and Admiral Rogers were asked to do so by the President.

All said exactly what Admiral Rogers said: “In the three plus years that I have been the director of the National Security Agency, to the best of my recollection I have never been directed to do anything I believe to be illegal, immoral, unethical or inappropriate. And to the best of my recollection, during that same period of service I do not recall ever feeling pressured to do so.”

That’s pretty clear. What more is there to say? They wouldn’t get into the weeds or into theoreticals and that makes sense.

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