Drudge Censored After Calling Out Google for Labelling Repubs Nazis, Bigots


Devin Nunes said he couldn’t get on Drudge today. He believes the site is being censored because Drudge called out Google this week.

A Google search labeled California Republicans ‘Nazis’ this past week. Google apologized but then a North Carolina Republican Trudy Wade found her search results turned up in Google with ‘Bigot’ written under her photo in caps and in red.

To summarize, Drudge brought the issue to light and today they are being censored.

Nunes warned that Google may need to testify if anti-GOP search results keep showing up.

The California Republican stated that tech monopolies “should be reined in” and called for a new search engine to compete against Google that doesn’t “censor” conservatives.

Social media censorship of the right and of religious people is very real. It doesn’t take a lot of research to see how bad it is.

Nunes brought up the possibility of competitors to Google and Social Media and there are some forming out there.

“I think there’s a free market solution here if somebody can compete with Google. If they can’t, then ultimately we’re looking at monopolies and then that brings in a whole other set of circumstances is — are these companies; Facebook, Twitter, Google, apple, etc.; are they monopolies and should they be reined in,” Nunes said on “Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo.”

“I would hope we don’t have to go there. I would hope that they just don’t get involved in politics and don’t censor conservatives and Republicans, but if they continue to do it then we have to move obviously to hearings on these issues,” he added.


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