Drudge Report Is Being Censored by Twitter So As to Not Upset Snowflakes


Westmonster has uncovered evidence that Twitter is censoring Drudge Report, an aggregate of mostly right-wing news. They marked it as sensitive material and are requiring people to OPT-IN if they want to see the tweets. The only ones who would be offended are snowflakes and they could easily block Drudge. This is censorship.

When Westmonster logged in, hardly any tweets by Drudge were visible. We’re not seeing Drudge at The Sentinel but we haven’t for a while and we opt-in.

For a while sensitive material has been opt-in but marking Drudge as sensitive is absurd. It’s a news site and he only puts in links.

Among other “safety” features they announced on Twitter is this:

With public backlash growing, Twitter says it’s taking steps to crack down on hate speech, from making it easier to report alleged incidents on the social media service to educating moderators on what kind of conduct violates the rules.

Twitter users will also gain more control over their experience on Twitter with the ability to mute words and phrases, even entire conversations, if they don’t want to receive notifications about them, said Del Harvey, Twitter’s head of safety.

It is exactly as we said – the social media giants are removing, hiding and burying material sensitive to the left-wing, particularly the hardcore left-wing.

Drudge has 1.2 million followers and look at how have shared his article. That’s true of all his articles.

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