Drug Cartel Puts Hit Out on an Unusual Law Enforcement Agent


Sombra, a German Shephard, is so good at sniffing out contraband at a Colombia port that the drug cartel has put a hit out on him. He now has round-the-clock protection.

There is a 70,000 bounty on Sombra

The Urabeños mafia has put the bounty on her head, according to Colombian police, so the dog had to be moved to Bogota’s El Dorado airport over fears for her safety.

The dog commutes to work at El Dorado International Airport in a van with tinted windows and typically two guards.

“Her sense of smell is far beyond that of other dogs,” officer Jose Rojas, Sombra’s 25-year-old handler, told the Washington Times. “We are responsible for her safety.”

Over the past three years, Sombra has become “the torment of Otoniel, seizing 9 tons of cocaine,” anti-narcotics police said in a tweet.

Dairo Antonio Úsuga, alias “Otoniel,” is the head of the Urabeños, one of Colombia’s most powerful criminal groups. He is one of the country’s most wanted men.

“Our German shepherd, Sombra, has participated in almost 300 operations,” Col. Tito Castellanos, the deputy director for the anti-narcotics police, told Colombian news agency RCN.

She has already won two K-9 Medals of Courage for her valor. She might get a third one this year, he said.

Rojas says Sombra is enjoying her post at the airport. She loves interacting with strangers who often stop to take selfies with her.

“Sombra in comparison to other dogs is much easier to work with,” Rojas said. “She understands orders from a leader and she’s more playful than the others.”

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