Drunk Illegal Alien Sets Fire to Hospital ER Endangering Lives


Henry Padilla-Martinez claims he’s only 20 years of age. He looks older. Aliens fake their ages because it helps them with immigration.

A drunk illegal alien set a fire in a hospital Emergency Room at the Washington Adventist Hospital causing extensive damage and endangering dozens of lives.

Henry Padilla-Martinez, 20, of an unknown address, was wandering around the hospital in a drunken stupor when an employee tried to guide him back to his room. That’s when the worker saw Henry’s bed was ablaze.

Staff ran to grab a fire extinguisher and frantically sprayed down the bed to prevent the fire from spreading further.

This took place in sanctuary Tacoma, Maryland where criminal aliens are protected and given healthcare at the expense of taxpayers.

The visible damage included burnt linens, melted plastic framing and discolored flooring. Padilla-Martinez’s room was located directly across from the main nurse’s station, ABC7 local reported.

Authorities note at the time of the fire, there were around 20 staff members and 15 patients in the ER. Fact is, the fire could have killed people – many confined to their hospital beds – had employees not noticed the blaze as quickly as they did.

The fire marshal’s office opted to charge Padilla-Martinez with first-degree malicious burning and reckless endangerment. The 20-year-old had a BIC lighter on his person, which investigators believe he used to set the fire.

The report said alcohol played a role in his “poor decision making”. Is that what we call crimes these days? Poor decision making? Does that apply to illegals only?

Padilla is a Honduran national and he faces up to ten years in prison and deportation.

His trial will be October 3rd. We will follow up when he’s sentenced.

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