Dueling Debate-Veterans Events So Far


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Donald Trump was interviewed on his plane earlier this evening before the veterans event. He said that he never asked that Megyn Kelly be removed as a moderator but he withdrew because of the snarky comments Fox News made to him. He said Fox called while he was on the plane and was very nice but it was too late.


Fox News said Trump told them he’d show up if Fox gave $5 million to the vets.

He started his event saying we have to stand up for our country. Fox was very nice when they called, and in response to people laughing, he said, for several hours now.

Trump said he has more cameras than Fox and made over $5 million so far. He said our vets are being treated badly and we have to start treating them better.

He called out the names of people who donated very large amounts and he himself gave $1 million. One anonymous person gave a million. Carl Icahn gave a half million.

Hillary tweeted while this was going on that “bluster and chest beating” aren’t going to defeat terrorism. She’s getting so desperate that she will do three more infomercials, I mean debates, with Bernie as long as they are in New Hampshire.

Trump said he still supports touchback amnesty.

Huckabee explained at the event and earlier in the evening why you shouldn’t support Bernie if you have an IQ above plant life.


John Wayne Walding, a highly decorated veteran, was terrific. The event focused on the veterans in between introducing some rich and very generous people.



Megyn Kelly started out the Fox debate by asking Cruz about Trump not showing up and Cruz lodged extreme insults at the candidates – joking – and said, “now that we’ve gotten the Trump portion of the debate out of the way..”



Rand Paul said he doesn’t think you have to give up liberty for a false sense of security.

The debate made me realize what it was like having a debate without Trump. Say what you want about him, he’s never boring.

Ted Cruz joked that if the moderators asked one more mean question, he might have to leave the stage. He said let’s stay on issues instead of attacks.

Rubio joked along the same line.


Christie wants to end funding for Planned Parenthood.

Kasich said his father was just a mailman.

Rand Paul hit Ted Cruz.

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