Dumber Than Dirt Chelsea Clinton Scolds Steve Bannon for Fat Shaming


Chelsea Clinton should really stay off Twitter and keep her mental limitations secret.

White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon joked about White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer when asked about the scaling back of White House press briefings. Bannon was asked by a reporter why fewer briefings were being held on camera.

“Sean got fatter,” Bannon quipped, according to a report by the Atlantic.

Dumber than dirt Chelsea didn’t understand the joke and called out Bannon for “fat-shaming”.

The self-righteous daughter of famous people is famous for her parents successes. She hopes to one day pick up the mantle and continue her family’s legacy by running for office. President Chelsea?

But I digress.

Suddenly we are to believe she is a supporter of Sean Spicer’s. She’s long on PC superiority, but this report of the joke might not even be true.

Don’t you love how the daughter of opaque parents talks of opacity?

Soon after she tweeted her fat-shaming comments, media puppets repeated the absurd fat-shaming argument. The left really doesn’t understand jokes. Her followers also started bashing Bannon, calling him fat.

Some hit back at Chelsea

Not everyone agreed with Chelsea and the humorless Democrats who chimed in on the fat-shaming nonsense.

No one on the left was offended by Claire McCaskill’s fat-shaming

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