Dumbfounding! Violent Communist Anarchists Are Becoming Mainstream


Speaker Paul Ryan appeared on Jake Tapper’s show this past weekend to – rightfully – condemn the Neo-Nazis, White Supremacists and KKK. Never once did he mention the very violent Antifa or Black Lives Matter.

Of course we all know the Nazis and KKK are despicable, but why do communist anarchists get a pass? They are not mainstream, yet the left supports them. They will not criticize them because they are their Brown Shirts.

Republicans must start condemning them and explaining who and what these people are so the public understands. We must get our Republicans to start calling out the communist maniacs in Antifa, Black Lives Matter and other leftist groups like the open borders groups who assaulted Trump supporters going to a Trump rally last year in San José as one example.

The Republicans are joined by ISIS and the Taliban in their condemnation of the President while ignoring the communist anarchists.

In case, you have any doubts about who and what the Antifa are, please look at these tweets.

Cowardly Antifa in action:

If you are confused about Black Lives Matter, go to their national website which explains what they are. It reads like the Communist Manifesto. They too are violent and destructive of private property and they are a hate group. They have been preparing for Revolution.


  1. Trump’s having a rally in Phoenix tonight, thousands of protesters expected according to MSM, we will see if any Antifa show up and how its covered, I think its just a matter of time before these baffoons seriously hurt or get someone killed, will the MSM remain in cricket mode?????

  2. It looks like our own Senator Moran, or is it Moron, has implied Trump is a bigot and racist.

    “White supremacy, bigotry and racism have absolutely no place in our society, and no one – especially the President of the United States – should ever tolerate it. We must all come together as a country and denounce this hatred to the fullest extent.”

    This from the Senator who looks like he came from the film, This Island Earth, as the alien with the elongated forehead. It’s certainly not filled with an abundance of grey matter.

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