Dumbing-Down of Americans



Satirical map of Dumbistan

Do you believe that Americans are capable enough to handle most of their own problems? Or, do you agree with President Obama, that they are just not that smart and need the government to step in and handle things for them. The concept of “dumbing down” of many Americans is something I just don’t believe in.

For instance, did you hear that some people actually want this administration to force Daniel Snyder, the owner of the NFL Washington Redskins to change the name of his football team. Is that really a function of government? The press reported that irate citizens were demanding, (that’s right, demanding) that Attorney General Holder, step in and force him to change the “insensitive”, “degrading” and “humiliating” name of the team.

Ok, maybe channel 4 exaggerated a bit. Maybe it wasn’t thousands of calls. Perhaps hundreds? Think it was dozens ? Maybe three Great Neck Liberals made those phone calls? Who knows? Was this just another example of the media promoting its own agenda?  You bet ya!

Even though the ACLU, the  Anti-Defamation League and Eric Holder don’t agree with me, I have come to the conclusion that this is not our government’s job at all. They don’t have to “defend” us at all from the trauma of hearing  the word, “Redskins”. We can handle things like that ourselves. If it offends you, just give up your season tickets or boycott their advertisers. In a democracy, citizens can still do that.

By the way, if he wants to change the name, Mr Snyder could really show his displeasure with “Washington” politics, by changing the name of his beloved Washington Redskins to the “Maryland Redskins”

Government intervention? That’s what we need! In every facet of our life!


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