Dummy! O-Cortez Got Her Own Billboard for Her First Big Accomplishment


Black / white photograph of the Berlin Wall. A young woman walks carelessly along the wall. Behind the Berlin Wall can be seen, a former watchtower. Reminder of the division of Berlin. Former border fortification in Berlin.

AOC, as Alexandria OCommie-Cortez likes to call herself, has her very own billboard. It recognizes her for destroying 25,000 jobs in Long Island City by destroying the Amazon deal, along with her union friends.

Located on 42nd Street near 8th Avenue, the billboard reads: “AMAZON PULLOUT, Thanks For Nothing AOC.”

The Amazon deal was very popular with New Yorkers. She used bizarre reasoning for rejecting it and organizing the loudmouths to scream against it.

AOC thought she was going to spend the non-existent $3 billion in tax credits Amazon would earn after they created the jobs.

The billboard is a big hit on social media.


She has been on a Twitter tear trying to defend herself, but it hasn’t helped her case. We’ve only included one tweet. She ends up saying in this tweet, “But I don’t know what I’m talking about, right?’


The Amazon deal would have added to the economy and has nothing to do with the subway or having money to fix it. Since the Amazon deal was wildly popular with New Yorkers, all she did was gather a minority of big mouths to chase them off.


She also thinks a border wall to protect American sovereignty and safety is the same as the Berlin Wall, which was built by Socialists/Communists like her, to keep people in. Last we looked, no one is firing at Americans trying to leave the country.

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