During the Campaign FBI Received Briefings from the ‘Kremlin Dossier’ Researcher


Chuck Ross at The Daily Caller revealed details of the closed door testimony by Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson and it is troubling. You won’t see it on the MSM in quite the same way it appears on The Daily Caller.

Glenn Simpson, Fusion GPS co-founder

Simpson said he regretted that the fruits of his investigation of a critic of the Kremlin were provided to and used by a top Russian government official.

The former Wall Street Journal reporter denied knowing that research he did as part of a pro-Kremlin lobbying campaign ended up in the hands of Yuri Chaika, Russia’s prosecutor general, Ross’s sources said.

It is interesting that much or all of the ‘dossier’ material aka opposition research came directly from the Kremlin according to reports.

Simpson told the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) that he knew that Christopher Steele, the British spy who wrote the dossier, had provided briefings to the FBI during the campaign.

Does that mean the FBI was using the content of the dossier, the research from Steele, for their investigation of Trump? Did opposition research launch the Trump investigation? They were using the research from a man creating OPPOSITION RESEARCH. What did he share during those briefings? How could Steele’s work on a Russian firm and research on Trump be kept separate and apart?

While Fusion GPS was being paid by the Clinton campaign and DNC for the Trump investigation, the firm was also working for BakerHostetler, a law firm that was representing Prevezon Holdings, a Russian energy company that faced stiff penalties from the Magnitsky Act, Ross reported.

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