Dutch PM Mark Rutte Taken Aback by Loud, Crude US Press


President Trump hosted the Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte at the White House Monday. The mainstream media was on hand to embarrass itself, The Daily Caller reports.

The Prime Minister was clearly shaken by all the reporters shouting questions. Trump told the PM at the beginning of the meeting that it’s like the “Academy Awards” as all the cameras flashed. After the presser, reporters continued shouting at the top of their lungs at the pair of world leaders.

After the photo-ops, as press aides shouted back loudly at the press pool to clear out of the Oval Office, Rutte turned to Trump, confused, asking “Is it always like this?” Trump whispered something to him that was inaudible – but caused them both to laugh.

This is what the press thinks they have the right to do. It says more about them than it does the administration. When Barack Obama was Presidant, there was absolute decorum. The press can’t get over the fact that their beloved Hillary didn’t win or their idolized Barack is gone.

It isn’t only Mark Rutte who is astonished at the coarse, rude behavior of the partisan media. The White House reporters seem proud of themselves for their behavior, thinking  they are embarassing the President when they’re making fools of themselves.

It’s great to see the American press out themselves as the crude and biased hate-Trumpers they are. Every day, they act the same, and every day they show the American people what they are.


After the meeting, some in the press deliberately or unwitting misunderstood the back-and-forth between Mr. Rutte and Mr. Trump. They said Mr. Rutte was laughing at him and told him off as they discussed tariffs, neither or which is true.

“If we do work it out, that’ll be positive, and if we don’t, it’ll be positive also, because…” Trump said.

“No!” Rutte interjected with a laugh.

“Well, just think about those cars that pour in here, and we’ll do something, right?” Trump replied.

“It’s not positive,” he said smiling. “We have to work something out.”

Mr. Rutte clearly wants to work it out and that’s all he meant.

HuffPo wrote that Mark Rutte told off Trump right to his face. Alternet wrote: Dutch Prime Minister Contradicts Trump and Laughs in His Face in the Oval Office. That’s clearly not what happened. MSN’s misleading headline: ‘No! Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s Surprising Response to Trymp’s Trade Talk.

It’s a good thing that Mr. Rutte wants the tariff talks to work out. Someone tell the press that. They’re confused.

When the press claims someone is enraged or attacks or laughs at the President, check the video.

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