Dzhokhar Communicating with Interrogators – Update



photo of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

Update: 12/22/13: 13:38: Dzhokhar has been charged with federal crimes under seal. Any intel will likely go through an ACLU defense lawyer. One justice official has already said that DOJ has decided the attack has nothing to do with al Qaeda central ([fox4kc]). It would be a little soon to make that decision but, to be cynical, it does fit the narrative.

Original Story: The Russian government did believe in 2011 that Tamerlan Tsarnaev was an Islamic extremist. The FBI was notified and Tamerlan was interviewed. Nothing untoward turned up at the time.

Tamerlan was not flagged when he traveled to Russia last year because he either deliberately or accidentally misspelled his name.

The officials in airports stop all the seniors with artificial joints but this man got through without any warning. That process needs to be re-examined.

Lindsey Graham wants Dzhokhar declared an enemy combatant so we can gather intelligence without a lawyer present to determine if Dzhokhar is tied to a terrorist group. Dzhokhar can be mirandized and tried in a federal court at a later day.

When to mirandize him is much ado about nothing. The only problem for law enforcement is they can’t use what he says in court prior to being mirandized. There is no problem for Dzhokhar.

Dzhokhar is unable to speak because of a serious neck wound but he is communicating in writing with interrogators. There is no reason to believe a word he says of course.

The FBI has so far said there is nothing to signal another imminent terrorist attack or that the brothers are tied to al Qaeda.

The pro-immigration reformists are saying that leaving people in the shadows is dangerous and we must pass the flawed immigration bill now. Many of the people who want it slowed down also want the borders closed first. The immigration bill will not bring sleeper cells forward unless they are also morons and I don’t see any reason this bill can’t be slowed down.

A 19-year old had the entire city of Boston shut down and terrorized. Maybe we have a problem here and should be looking into that with as much zeal as we are looking into legalizing millions of new democrats?


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