E-Z Pass Spies on You But We Can Stop Them In Their Tracks


For those among you who are worried about spying by NSA, google, drones, black boxes, scanners, streetlights, and cameras everywhere, there is a new threat – the E-Z Pass technology!

Stored data from E-Z Pass has been used in criminal cases and divorces. Some states do not require court orders. E-Z Pass has your name, license plate, speed you were driving and they take your picture when you drive through the toll booth. They know where you were and what time you were there.

If you object to this, we have the solution for you with our new products.

We have the E-Z Pass Ski Mask for men and the E-Z Pass Burqa for the ladies. Burqas come in various colors and they can even be hand-embroidered. Ski masks come embroidered also.

For a few extra dollars, you can have yours equipped with a frequency transmitter to interfere with government signals and photos to throw the government off your scent completely. We call it the Transponder Destroyer!

In this photo, Jedidiah is modeling the least expensive E-Z Pass Ski Mask. Be sure to don your mask 100 yards before the toll booth and 100 yards after.

E-ZPass ski mask

Thomas Jefferson pictured in the background would be proud.

The next photo is an E-Z Pass Burqa modeled by Sara. The color matches the skies of Arizona as you can see in the photo. You can order this Arizona Burqa today. Hurry though. They’re flying off the shelves.

E-Z Pass Burqa

Order one E-Z Pass covering with or without the Transponder Destroyer and we will send you one for your spouse absolutely free! Shipping and handling is $19.95 and all taxes apply.

Okay, we’re kidding, but the part about the E-Z Pass data collection is real and there is more!

In fact, there is a new patent that will equip transponders – like those used in E-Z Pass – with mini-cameras. The government could mandate these in-car transponders for every new car.

That way the government can always watch you when you are in your car. Oh goody!

Don’t worry, we’re working on a new product to deal with that too. It’s called the Camera Trash Compactor!

You can read about the in-car transponder for real at MSNBC  or CNN