Josh Earnest Explains Why Chinese Hacking Doesn’t Warrant a Response


White House spokesperson Josh Earnest doesn’t want to explain why Chinese hacking doesn’t matter or why the White House didn’t care about Russian hacking over the last eight years. He said they are materially different. That’s the best he could do — it’s different.

He said he can’t speak to hacking in the past. He can’t speak to anything. Thank God we won’t have to put up with this idiot much longer.

In 2012 White House sources confirmed an alarming report that U.S. government computers — reportedly including systems used by the military for nuclear commands — were breached by Chinese hackers.

“This was a spear phishing attack against an unclassified network,” a White House official told “These types of attacks are not infrequent and we have mitigation measures in place.”

The White House didn’t do anything.

In March 2014, Chinese breached the data of 4 million federal workers.

It was the second major intrusion of the same agency by China and the second significant foreign breach into U.S. government networks in preceding months. The year before, Russia compromised White House and State Department e-mail systems in a campaign of cyber­espionage.

We have hackers stowed away in our electric grid and Iran has been one of the worst offenders.

Do you know what Obama did about it? That’s right, NOTHING!

Josh said there was no “public announcement”.

There was also no sign of any announcement, public or private or any reaction.

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