Ecuador Moves Towards More Autocratic Rule, Lots of Bananas But Few Freedoms


Lenin Moreno

The election in Ecuador is considered a barometer of the movement away from Socialism in Latin America. Unfortunately, Socialism and autocracy won.

Ecuador has picked a president who will follow in the footsteps of the departing Socialist president Rafael Correa who served two terms over ten years.  Lenin Moreno of the Socialist Party has won with more than 50% of the vote against his challenger Guillermo Lasso with just under 50%, who has refused to concede and wants a recount. His followers have taken to the streets for the past week.

This election was important because some nations in Socialist Latin America have moved towards freedom and Capitalism in recent years after the dramatic failures of Socialism.

Much of what led to the Socialist revolution in Ecuador is happening today in the United States. Read on…

Correa was elected in 2006 under the banner of a “Citizen Revolution”, promising a more equitable society. Unfortunately, Ecuador has moved in the direction of an autocracy and democratic mechanisms are blocked as fascistic social justice warriors have their way.

Like the United States, the opposition has been successfully demonized by the left.

When the election was called, outgoing President Rafael Correa said on Twitter, “The revolution has triumphed again in Ecuador”. The win by the “Citizens’ Revolution“ set back the right-wing surge.

The lure of Socialism throughout the world is so great that when it blatantly fails, the people are convinced the solution is more Socialism.

“This is very sickening”, his opponent Mr. Lasso said.

His agenda was pro-business and aimed at attracting foreign investment, reducing taxes and generating more jobs. He drew comparisons between what is happening in Ecuador with that which brought down socialist Venezuela.

Thousands of his supporters are calling the election a fraud but there’s no evidence of that, though it is very possible. Lasso’s supporters have been out every day for a week, chanting anti-government slogans but nothing is being reported in the media. They wouldn’t dare.

Moreno represents more Socialism and autocracy. He has already put in a new constitution. His party, Alianza Pais, is primarily Socialist with a clear Progressive agenda.

Lasso and his party CREA, is right-wing. He is a former banker and businessman who promised jobs, reduced taxes, cooperation agreements with the U.S. and Asia, repeal of the communication law. and restore the separation of powers. He said he would sell government-seized entities to the private sector. The opposition successfully labeled him corrupt.

The young are looking to leave the country because of the corruption which has become a normal way of doing business. People are living on under $400 a month.

In 2014, the U.S. Department of State cited Ecuador’s corruption as a key human-rights problem. It’s not only the U.S. condemning the corruption and abolishment of freedom of the press, it faces international condemnation.

In December 2015, Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT) issued a statement on the floor of the United States Senate declaring, in part, that, “Ecuador is a country where judicial independence is seriously compromised.  I have spoken about this several times, and it has been well documented by the Department of State, the United Nations, and human rights organizations.  It is also illustrated by the fact that the Council of the Judiciary, with the power to appoint and remove judges, is comprised of five former officials of the Correa administration.”

Anyone in this country of just 14 million who dares question Correa’s leadership is hauled off to jail on trumped-up charges. Corruption is widespread in the government, judiciary and police, Daily Mail reported.

Fabian Loza, 46, was one of Ecuador’s most popular television investigative reporters until he fell foul of the mercurial President, who was elected in 2007 according to Daily Mail.

“I worked for Gama TV, one of the biggest stations, and I made my name exposing corruption,” Mr Loza.

“Once Correa came to power, he began waging war on free speech. If you broadcast or print something he doesn’t like, he shuts you down.”

“He has closed six television stations and dozens of independent newspapers.”

“I lost my job because I broadcast too many critical stories. It is like the old days of the Soviet Union.”

“The news in Ecuador today is run by the state. He has put his cronies in charge of the judiciary, the police and security forces. You have widespread corruption on every level but what you don’t have is a press free to expose it,” Loza said.

Last August, one of Mr Loza’s journalist colleagues, Emilio Palacio, fled to Miami to claim asylum after he was sentenced to three years in prison for accusing Correa of ordering troops to open fire on civilians during an attempted coup in 2010. Two other journalists who wrote a book criticising the President’s brother were ordered to pay £6.3 million in fines.

According to Freedom House, “Ecuador has long been racked by corruption” and the weak judicial oversight and investigative resources perpetuate a culture of impunity.

Ecuador received a downward trend arrow from Freedom House in part due to increased limits on freedom of expression, including the monitoring of online content and harassment of bloggers and social-media users. Exactly what is happening on social media in the U.S.

In 2012, The Daily Mail called the country “a hotbed of corruption” and stated that corruption “is widespread in the government, judiciary and police.”

When allegations of corruption grew louder, Correa investigated himself just as Obama answered scandalous allegations with in-house investigations.

The Ecuadoran economy is declining as well. Like Socialist economies everywhere, the artificial props that are part of their policies work for a while. The Stimulus helped initially but, like other government-controls, it’s temporary and the country is left with only debt and bananas.

As oil prices plummet, hurting their key export, Ecuador is left with bananas, declining oil prices, and lots of corruption.

If you think it couldn’t happen in the United States, pay closer attention to Bernie Sanders when he talks of his political revolution and watch the enthusiastic, angry and ill-informed youth who follow him. The youth who think everything should come free, earned or not are being taught in universities filled with leftists.

Our media is more than 90% Democrat and Democrats seem to have no limits on how far left they will go.

Our government seizes lands in the name of climate change but it has the same end result as Ecuador’s seizures. Never forget that Maxine outed the Democratic Party agenda.


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