Ecuador To United States: Keep Your Money



Speaking to Russia Today online recently, Ecuador’s Socialist President Rafael Correa railed against the Obama administration”

They’ve managed to focus attention on Snowden and on the ‘wicked’ countries that ‘support’ him, making us forget the terrible things against the US people and the whole world that he denounced,” Correa said Wednesday in response to a Tuesday Washington Post editorial.

“The world order isn’t only unjust, it’s immoral,” Correa added.

Ecuador’s president will entertain giving asylum to Edward Snowden in his small, impoverished nation, a nation that now feels more powerful than the United States thanks to our inept leadership.

John Kerry said, “Our government will not reward countries for bad behavior,”  hinting that the billions wrapped up in two trade programs with Ecuador hang in the balance.

Ecuadorian President, Rafael Correa thundered his response to the US.

“Our dignity doesn’t have a price.”


“In the face of threats, insolence and arrogance of certain U.S. sectors, which have pressured to remove the preferential tariffs because of the Snowden case, Ecuador tells the world we unilaterally and irrevocably renounce the preferential tariffs.”

“It is outrageous to try to delegitimize a state for receiving a petition of asylum.”

Correa abrogated the trade pact with the United States on Thursday over the Snowden affair.

Bilateral trade between the US and Ecuador hovered over $16 billion last year according to official figures from the US Census office. Russia probably told Ecuador not to worry about it and they would fill in. It’s a new power base for Correa’s fellow leftists in China and Russia.

Correa is a US-educated economist and had Obama-administration support before his election in 2007.

A move like this by Correa will make him a leading force in the region against the United States. Since President Obama’s installation, our relations with South America have grown far worse and we have almost no influence in the region. They have never liked us and now they have no respect for us.

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