Ed Henry Grills Kyle Kashuv for His Behavior at Age 16


Yesterday, we shared the Twitter comments of Kyle Kashuv who had his Harvard acceptance rescinded over comments he made on social media when he was 16 years of age. The left likes to call them teens and make adults out of them when it’s convenient, like when they are Catholic school boys wearing MAGA hats. But when they are robbing stores and charging cops, they are 18-year old children.

Some student or students without a lot of decency pulled the comments to hurt or destroy Kashuv. The hard-left then went on one of their chain mail hate sprees, bombarding Harvard, insisting they drop Kashuv who earned his admittance with very high grades and other areas of excellence.

Harvard gave in, dropped him unceremoniously, and it was too late for him to accept any of the other college choices he had. The deadline had passed.  Now this outstanding student who survived the Parkland shooting is without a school.

The comments he and his friends made were racist and unacceptable, but he was SIXTEEN! How long will he have to pay for this? According to the new morality, if you are on the political right, there is no statute of limitations. Examples of this are Mitt Romney cutting a classmates hair in jest at age 18. There are also the obviously false accusations against Justice Kavanaugh when he was in high school and a freshman in college.


Ed Henry grilled Kyle Kashuv, not totally unfairly, except he acted as if Kashuv did these things as an adult. He was a kid in his second year of high school and he says he’s learned from it. Henry said at one point, “you used the ‘n’ word 11 times, what were you thinking?”

Oh, shut up Ed, he was a kid. As if you haven’t done things wrong with that stripper.

This is the background:

This is what Kashuv says, mentioning the fact that Harvard itself has a history of racism:


What do you think about all this? Personally, I don’t think much of people who try to destroy others and I don’t think much of college officials who cower when the left is obviously out to destroy someone.

The leftists are on social media, heartlessly gloating over this and wishing him great harm. They must be very perfect and never did a thing wrong when they were children of 16.

Kashuv also said he has matured since the shooting. Those comments were made before the shooting.

Leftists are the people with the miserable lives who want everyone else to be miserable.

So what do you think?

  • I’ve said for some time that people should thoroughly investigate all these reporters for anything in their past that is unseemly and publicize it widely. For a very long time the media hasn’t engaged in “news” programming but more along the lines of character assassination and efforts to “destroy” lives. It’s all done for “entertainment” value, because ‘news’ is more entertainment than factual reporting these days. Instead of media outlets they have become gossip outlets, far worse than the old Hollywood gossips of the past, as in “Fatty” Arbuckle.

    Furthermore, does anyone believe these tech companies would be doing all their repulsive actions if it weren’t for media outlets. There is a symbiotic relationship between the two.

  • I find it FAR MORE egregious that AOC delegitimizes the Holocaust with her reference to “Never Again” referring to illegal aliens being detained.

    Does the sanctimonious Ed Henry have Any baggage in His past.