Ed Klein Says Obama Is Popping Marijuana-Laced Gummy Bears, Playing Video Games


Ed Klein said the former president is not all that interested in being involved in the Resist movement in the way people had hoped. He’s busy playing video games and smoking pot and is “totally disengaged”. He might show up on the campaign trail somewhat but he’s not engaged, Klein says.

“According to my sources, despite all the efforts on the part of the Democratic party to get the former president engaged he’s, uh, totally disengaged, he’s, uh, as you just said, playing video games like a teenager, going back to his ‘Choom gang’ days in Hawaii’ when he smoked pot.”

“He’s popping gummy bears infused with cannabis… all this comes from a source of mine who actually has smoked marijuana with him since he left the White House,” Klein said.

Go to about 15:10:

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