Edward Snowden’s Must Watch Interview on How Trump Could Have Been Surveilled


In this clip, Edward Snowden describes how the Obama Administration may have wiretapped Trump Tower and Trump’s phones without a FISA Court order.

The culprit is EO 12333 and most particularly one section, 2.3C.

In July 2008, the same month Congress passed the FISA Amendments Act, President George W. Bush modified Executive Order 12333, which sets rules for surveillance that domestic wiretapping statutes do not address, including techniques that vacuum up vast amounts of content without targeting anybody.


As a result, all data flowing over fiber optic lines is collected in spy storage facilities and they can access it any time, they can find it with a person’s, any person’s phone, IP address or any identifying signature.  

2.3 reads:

Collection of information. Elements of the Intelligence Community are authorized to collect, retain, or disseminate information concerning United States persons only in accordance with procedures…

(c) specifically reads:

Information obtained in the course of a lawful foreign intelligence, counterintelligence, international drug or international terrorism investigation;

2.3C is broad and vague. It allows for massive sweeps as long as one person is a foreign national.

In the Obama administration’s waning days, he made it worse. Attorney General Loretta Lynch signed an order expanding the power of the National Security Agency to share globally intercepted personal communications with the government’s 16 other intelligence agencies before applying privacy protections. Raw data is now shared by thousands more people working in these agencies, making it very difficult to track leaks.

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