We Weren’t Misled by Obama, Says Sen. Gillibrand, ‘We All Knew’



Photo of Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand whom Sen. Harry Reid called “the hottest member’ of the Senate.

NY Senator Kirsten Gillibrand said she didn’t feel misled by the president on Obamacare because ‘we all knew,’ she said. That is the most honest thing that woman has said since she became a senator.

She said he just needed to be more specific, whatever that means. I guess if he said ‘you can all keep your healthcare except for the millions whose plans will be rendered illegal by a new rule I’m going to put through,’ that would have been more specific.

Her comment about him not being ‘specific’ falls in line with the left-leaning media who say Obama ‘misspoke,’ made ‘inaccurate promises,’ gave an  ‘overly simplistic guarantee,’ made a ‘sweeping generalization,’ and said it was an ‘inaccurate vision.’ [hotair] We can add his not being ‘specific’ to the list of euphemisms for the word ‘lie.’

Gillibrand refused to answer the question of whether or not the president misled people until prodded several times. She continually tried to say it was only an implementation problem and the Obamacare insurance is necessary and will be great once the implementation issues are resolved.

She finally admitted, upon prodding by Raddatz that ‘we all knew’ and they weren’t misled.

Gillibrand is the senator who was elected from a Republican area in upstate NY who ran as a pro-gun advocate. At least she was until after she was elected and had one conversation with Sen. Chuck Schumer who straightened her out. She has been anti-gun ever since.


Here’s how the interview on abc’s This Week went down:

NY Senator Gillibrand appeared on ABC’s This Week and was asked if President Obama can regain the trust of the American people.

Gillibrand responded,  ‘Of course, he can. Because, Martha, what this is about is everyday people needing access to Affordable Health Care. They don’t want their coverage dropped because of a pre-existing condition or when they get sick. They want their kids covered up to 26. And they want to have preventive care covered. And that’s what this bill does.

So, once we get over this implementation issue, we will then.’

Gillibrand feels that we just have to get over this implementation:

‘They can fix this. This is a fixable problem. So, once they fix it, people will see, I have an opportunity to cover my family. And Martha, I was in the emergency room just last week with my son who had an asthma attack and took too many puffs on his puffer. And I looked in the eyes of all the other mothers in the emergency room, these are mothers who don’t have health care, who may not — this may be their only access.’

She believes people will be saying, ‘look, oh my gosh’ once the implementation issue is resolved. She went on to praise the Obamacarea ER coverage.

Then she was asked again if she felt misled by Obama.

Gillibrand’s response was at first evasive: ‘He should have just been more specific, because the point is if you’re offered by a terrible health care plan that the minute you get sick, you’re going to have to go into bankruptcy, those plans should never be offered.’

She was asked again if she was misled.

Then her response was quite amazing.

She said, ‘He should have just been specific.’

‘No, we all knew, the whole point of the plan is to cover things people need, like preventive care, birth control, pregnancy. How many women the minute they get pregnant might risk their coverage? How many women paid more because of their gender because they might get pregnant? Those are the reforms…’

She was then asked about his leadership and the issue of trust:

Again, Gillibrand was evasive: ‘Well, no one is more disappointed in the implementation issues than President Obama and he has taken full responsibility for the mistakes and the lack of getting this system up and running when it was supposed to be up and running.

But what this was about, Martha, are those mothers in the emergency room who don’t have access to affordable health care. I can’t tell you how frightening it is when your kid can’t breathe. It is a horrible moment. And I looked at every mother, and I’m telling you, we have to fix health care in this country. So, when you talk about President Obama’s legacy, his legacy is going to be offering affordable health care to every family in this country.’

Gillibrand is a master of diversionary tactics and dishonest narratives.

Read more at ABC News.

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