Election 2016: Bernie Wants a Marxist Revolution, GOP Wants a Freedom Revolution


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Fox News’s Greta Van Susteren is giving John Kasich an hour-long town hall tonight because she says he’s not been given a fair amount of time. She told Eric Bolling on The Five that he came in a strong third in Michigan – that’s the state he said he’d win. She said if it’s a brokered convention, Kasich might be the man. Even Kimberly Guilfoyle said everybody was wowed by his last “great debate”. I’m not sure because that was my debate break time.

Kasich is an establishment type who thinks he’s not and who has a good record as governor in many ways but also hangs to the left of most Republicans on Obamacare, illegal immigration and Common Core.

Fox pushed the Kasich town hall to on the Gretchen Carlson Real Story at 2pm with one speaker claiming it’s a not to be missed event. Yawn! That will kill Greta’s ratings. She must have drawn the short straw.

Gretchen promoted Kasich as well, saying he’s really surging with those second and third place wins. He was so close to second place in Michigan, she pointed out. She didn’t say much about Ted Cruz who actually was in second place.

Megyn Kelly will go “face-to-face” with Ted Cruz at 9 pm EST according to the Fox News Insider, then Trump will “join” Hannity at 10, and Megyn will “talk strategy” with Marco Rubio at 11. The wording is interesting here.

Every Republican is better than the socialist Hillary, who was a follower of Alinsky, and Bernie who is about an inch away from being a communist, openly advocating revolution. In this next brief clip, he talks about the peoples’ revolution. What do people think that means? It’s obviously a Marxist revolution. What do people think 90% top tax rates, $15 trillion in taxes on everyone and free everything is about? People who are afraid of Donald Trump should be much more afraid of Hillary and Bernie.

Trump believes he is taking Reagan Democrats into the Republican party but when he wins in the open primary states, one has to wonder if Democrats are voting in the Republican primary because they’re voting for the Republican who they believe has the best chance of losing to Hillary. It seems, however, that he is legitimately pulling in Democrats because his popularity does cross all demographics. His popularity in Michigan appears to be due to much more than just tricky Democrats.

Next Tuesday are the winner-takes-all states, Florida and Ohio.

The GOP is looking to change the convention rules to fly in some other, more preferable candidate. That will go over well! Certainly shows they are desperate. While they have good reasons for wanting to defeat Trump, they largely want to preserve their power.

John Voight and Scott Brown endorsed Trump and Carly Fiorina and former governor Perry endorsed Cruz. The endorsements keep coming but does anyone really care?

The GOP can’t afford to lose this presidential election. The turnout for presidential elections is only 63% according to Pew, the lowest in the developed world.  This might be their last best shot. If all the eligible voters did vote, we would be an overwhelmingly Democrat-Socialist country. We have been importing millions and millions of poor, uneducated folks from socialist and communist nations so it’s not surprising.

If you look at the movement towards a one-party nation, nothing is clearer than the electoral maps.

Reagan – before a series of amnesties:

Reagan electoral map

George HW Bush in 1988:

George HW Bush
George HW Bush

George W Bush in 2000:

george w bush 2000


Barack Hussein Obama electoral map in 2008:

2008 electoral map

Red states have gone blue as have purple states. There are a few states that will still go red and the GOP winning hangs on a handful of states. Much of the Northeast and the Pacific coast have gone to the leftists.

The next video shows what was being said about the primaries on Tuesday. The Twitter chatter matched the results amazingly well. On Tuesday, Marco was saying he’d win Michigan. He had a terrible night and won 0 delegates.

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