Elections Can’t Fix the Fundamental Transformation of the United States


Our Julius Caesar

Elections can’t fix what has happened here in the United States. We are fundamentally transformed, but we can still alter the course of events. It will take more than simply appearing at a polling station and, if we don’t work to change it now, we will end up like so many other nations existing under tyrannical rule.

Putin is rebuilding the Soviet Union. He has already seized part of Georgia and he wants the Ukraine. The people of Venezuela are rioting in the streets and Cuba is embedded in the government of president Nicolás Maduro. Iran is continuing their enrichment and Syria is hiding the chemical weapons they promised to destroy while working hand-in-glove with Iran. Egypt is infiltrated with both the Brotherhood and al Qaeda.

Totalitarianism is streaking across the world and there is little to stop it.

Freedom is a fragile thing and it is fragile even here, especially here, in the United States.

In the United States, the very things Ronald Reagan fought for are the very things Barack Obama fights against.

We see what is going on in the world and we have a false sense of security because, after all, we live in the United States. It couldn’t happen here. We say that as our country is being fundamentally transformed with a president who rules with a pen and phone and this so-called “strategy”, is to lawlessly ignore the separation of powers. It is lauded by our “free Press”.

We now live in a country where every freedom is under attack by the forces of totalitarianism in the most subtle and dangerous ways.

Totalitarianism is the stronger force because it’s adherents can use deception and they can circumvent the law. The end justifies the means. There is no law. The law is relative.

They can use thugs to do their work. When my friend was setting up a table for Hillary Clinton during the 2007 election, the Obama thugs harassed them, turned their table over, and cursed at them. My friend and her group were forced to leave out of fear.

Totalitarianism of any kind is an arrogant ideology, its advocates know what’s best and feel free to get it done however they can.

Totalitarians can violate election law. They can lie and say you can keep your insurance if you want to. They can pretend to be one thing while doing the opposite because their ideology is based on relativism and secularism, not morality. Morality is what they perceive it to be and its ever-changing. There are no absolutes like the Ten Commandments or God. yet, they will hold their opponents to the letter of the law.

It is up to us, the adherents to the law of the land, the Constitution, to undo their work, while they continue to freely pursue their totalitarian agenda in every sphere of society, unchecked. If you call them out, you are a racist, a conspiracy nut, a hater, and so on.

They are patient people. They were willing to spend decades changing the thinking of the young, even if it means rewriting history. We recently saw an example of it in a social work textbook that told a story of a racist, sexist Ronald Reagan though he was not that and quite the opposite. Whole pages in the book were dedicated to generalizing the portrayal of conservatives and the rich as selfish and cruel while liberals were depicted as caring.

The Brotherhood failed in Egypt because it wanted absolute power. We see that insatiable thirst for absolute power within the Democratic Party in the United States today. The party has changed and moved far-left. It won’t go on forever without a fight. At some point there will be a clash of cultures and it could end in violence.

Mr. Obama has flouted the law continually with:

  1. NLRB appointments during a recess that wasn’t
  2. 28 changes to his own ObamaCare law
  3. ignored the War Powers Act and went to war in Libya on his own
  4. killed US citizens without Congressional approval or any due process
  5. spies on US citizens
  6. ignores immigration law and state laws
  7. ignores federal drug and immigration laws
  8. politicizes government agencies so the IRS can attack conservatives and religious groups. The EPA can now prevent people from developing their own land, destroy coal power in the United States, declare the air we exhale a poison. Obama is attempting to use the FCC to control the media. He sent armed guards in a guitar factory on a false charge to raid and seize, and he uses the Interior Department in other ways to terrorize and enforce laws they themselves are creating outside of Congress.
  9. illegally wiretapped reporters
  10. shielded AG Holder from a Contempt of Congress finding for perjury with an Executive Order
  11. continually refuses to comply with congressional subpoenas
  12. Mr. Obama is writing legislation from the White House
  13. awarded  80 percent of a $16 billion program (green energy) to his campaign bundlers and contributors, leaving only 20% to those who did not contribute
  14. and the list goes on.

The Democratic Party, with its nuclear option in the senate, its lies about ObamaCare, its lauding of dictatorial rule using a not-so-innocuous pen and phone, is operating like a radical leftist party with no moderate influences to keep their lawlessness in check. They will eventually bring us to violence and rebellion. Is that why they have government workers in all departments of government armed to the teeth? Is it why they want us disarmed?

Americans are better educated than many believe and, despite high unemployment, most citizens who want to be employed are employed, we have food and water, and we live a decent life. For that reason, we do not see ourselves living under a tyrannical government nor do we see the urgency as they do in a country like Venezuela. I just saw a video of police in Venezuela shooting blindly at everyone in the street. That is where Totalitarianism must eventually lead.

While we are not Venezuela, the increasingly militant left is growing stronger and angrier while the right feels diminished and powerless. The middle class is suffering thanks to the redistributionists and a sense of hopelessness is growing.

The Two Party system has worked in keeping extremists at bay but the leftists hope to destroy that too with voter fraud – refusing to allow voter ID and allowing illegals and underage youths to vote among other illicit practices – and initiatives like the National Popular Vote which seeks to install a permanent Democratic majority in the electoral college. Unions are mobilizing their forces and spending hundreds of millions to buy votes and control politicians. Almost every large union in America today is controlled by communists or socialists.

Unions, large corporations and the financial sector, social institutions such as Planned Parenthood and even some religious organizations, the media, the energy sector, and the educational system are coming together to form a totalitarian whole with a far-left agenda, with no room for traditional thinking or the Constitution.

The other day, NBC said Olympian David Wise’s love of God, wife and child is an alternative lifestyle. The Totalitarians are not only after our money, they want our souls, our very belief system. That is why they are attacking the rights of conscience with the HHS mandate.

We are told Congress can do nothing about this lawlessness and we have to show up at the polls. It is so far beyond just voting.

Obama has been installing his judges, his military, his commissioners, his tax assessors, his educational system, and he is reprogramming us through media, entertainment, teachers, and a suffocating bureaucracy of laws.

Common Core has the potential to nationalize education quickly and with it, as we have discovered, comes intense indoctrination.

He has made welfare, food stamps, and disability into an entitlement and has even encouraged people to not work, smoke weed, and pursue their dreams on the government dole. Every agency, every facet of our lives is being politicized. Politicizing something makes it into an agent of totalitarianism. It will take so much more than an election or two to change this.

Totalitarians identify populations to control and use, destroying them in the interim. They have done this with blacks and are attempting to do the same with Native-Americans and Hispanics. The totalitarians have continuously made everything about race instead of the issues and, having done so, they have segregated us. Some among them want a race war. They have done the same with LGBTs, women, and any other group that feels oppressed or unrecognized.

They want our children. The government is assuming more and more power over our rights as parents and they hope to sign a UN treaty which will give them unfettered power, mandating how we educate and raise our own children.

They find a common enemy or invent one and they use the lure of a better life which only they can provide. They hope to destroy private enterprise because they take power from them and they give hope to the populations who seek a better life and who they seek to control.

Totalitarians exaggerate issues like climate change, formerly global warming that stopped 13 years ago, and they create crises to further their agenda. Healthcare was a crisis. It wasn’t then of course but it is now. Libya was a crisis. It wasn’t then, but it is now.

An election won’t fix that. We have to fix that.

Totalitarians seek absolute power. They are the very breadth and scope of tyranny.

We can’t just vote to rid ourselves of the tyranny already entrenched in our government. We must adopt a lifestyle that rejects their indoctrination. We can’t go see the movie Noah which distorts the bible, we can’t buy their products, and we must speak up – loudly – when they rewrite history or denigrate venerated institutions and practices or differing opinions.

We need to find ourselves again. If in our hearts we believe in God or a spiritual life of some sort that rejects lies, late-term abortions, spying on everyone, and so on, then find that person and be that person. If we believe in freedom for everyone, not simply people who agree with us, stand up for it.

We have already been fundamentally transformed but the fat lady has not sung. We must extricate ourselves from our comfortable existence, gather courage, speak up, and fight for what we believe in before it is too late. If we don’t, we will one day be the Ukraine or Venezuela or Egypt and there will be fire in the streets.

You think it can’t happen here? It is happening here.



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