Elections Have Consequences When the Totalitarians’ Chickens Come Home to Roost



by Rosalie Hanson

Big Daddy government always seems to be meddling where it doesn’t belong!

Remember when they got involved in the real estate business?  We all know how that turned out! Here on LI, they call that failed government program the “Zombie Houses”!

Here are just a few more examples of how a power-grabbing, Democrat-controlled “utopia” is affecting lives here in New York.

New York State assemblyman, Fred Thiele, Jr, has proposed a bill called the Workforce Opportunity Fund, a Democrat-supported program aka Spreading the Wealth.

Here’s how it works.

Large homes being built in the wealthy communities of Southampton, where the Rich & Famous reside, would be taxed a “surcharge on construction of homes exceeding 3,000 square feet.

A “workforce impact fee” of $10.00 per square foot would be added on to the building permits and that money would be put into a Workforce Housing Fund.

The Housing Fund would then offer no-interest loans up to $250,000 towards a home purchase, pay for the right to reserve existing housing for workers and provide housing counseling to local residents.

The goal is to relocate “workers” to these “rich communities” with the assistance of funds acquired by “taxing the rich”.

Southampton votes Democratic.  I don’t believe in taxing the rich, but I guess the rich people in Southampton are about to get what they deserve.  I can’t say I will lose any sleep over it, either.

Hempstead School District, one of the poorest school districts on Long Island, is also getting a dose of “their own medicine” by blindly voting Democratic.  This year the school district tried to refuse an influx of illegal aliens into their school district.

School officials say thousands of undocumented children who crossed the United States border illegally are now in school districts in the area.

This year alone, 2,200 undocumented children crossed the border and have come to Long Island to live. About 1500 of them are enrolled in the Hempstead School District.

School Board president Lamont Johnson said Hempstead is unprepared for all these students, and trying to figure out where to put them all. Right now some are standing up in class and even sitting on the floor.

Democrat-Controlled New York State has ORDERED the Hempstead school district to immediately enroll illegal immigrant children, quickly assess their abilities and discontinue the use of wait-lists, or the state Education Department may remove its leaders — an ultimatum the agency gave for the first time in the months long controversy.

Taxes in Hempstead School District just exploded.  Do you think that these people have put two-and-two together yet?

Elections have consequences and most of them in Hempstead voted for Obama and company. They will now learn first hand the ripple effect of  “open borders”. 

Perhaps they can’t see how detrimental voting for the Democrats are because they just got buried under higher school taxes.  Perhaps next time, they will think about who they are voting for beforehand and how the actions (or inactions) of their elected officials would have a devastating effect on them. Although I highly doubt it.

I can’t say I will lose any sleep over this one, either.  You reap what you sow. Or in this case “how you vote”.

In a 4-square mile area known as Wyandanch, another reliable Democratic area, may just be on the “benefit” side of voting for a Democratic-controlled State.

Wyandanch, a hamlet of approximately 12,000 residents has one bank and will soon get another under a state program to encourage more branches in underserved areas.

“Underserved” is just another name for “bailout”.  Wyandanch has a bank so I don’t know how they are “underserved”.  I know, I know, don’t ask “stupid questions”.

Roslyn Savings Bank signed a 10-year lease in December at Wyandanch Village – the mixed-use development at the heart of a massive redevelopment effort. Creation of the banking development district, announced by the town earlier this month, means that the bank will open in late summer with $10 million in subsidized deposits from the state and the right to bid on municipal deposits, business that in New York is generally reserved for commercial banks.

This is just another “bank bailout” with rules being changed to help “underserved” citizens while the taxpayers pick up the tab.  In typical Democratic fashion, this bailout benefits a small portion of people but carries a big price tag for the rest of us to pay.

The closest bank to where I live is more than 4 miles away, but I don’t see a bank being built on my block for my “convenience”!  Need I say more?

Now you know why New Yorkers are paying the highest taxes out of the 50 United States!

Lastly, school taxes, fees and bailouts are killing businesses who can no longer afford to stay here! That is why this Democrat-controlled state has come up with the “brilliant” campaign slogan to try and persuade companies to bring business back to New York.  This little political gimmick is called  “Start-Up New York”.

What “Start-Up New York “ does is offer tax-free zones for expanding companies, other business-aid programs and “I Love New York” tourism destinations.  Tax-free?  Well, that doesn’t help the over-taxed taxpayers living in New York, now does it?

Schemes” are not solutions!

Even after a state audit found that these ads have produced no measurable benefit, the New York State economic development officials approved spending an additional $25 million on these ads to nowhere!.

The board of directors of Empire State Development unanimously approved the increase, bringing total spending authorized “Open for Business” ads to $261.5 million.

That’s $261.5 million taxpayer money spent to try and bring business to the least business-friendly state.  The only business benefitting from this “so-called solution” is the Manhattan-based advertising agency BBDO that is being paid to purchase more airtime on television and other media outlets.

Instead of addressing the real causes of our problems here in New York – open borders, the high cost of our welfare state, and 70% of our high property taxes caused by school taxes – the Democrats skirt around all the problems and come up with government-mandated programs, pie-in-the-sky schemes and “fees”  that cost the taxpayers living in New York even more money!

The Democrats’ platform is simply this – higher taxes. Voting Democratic only leads to higher taxes.

Albert Einstein once said, “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.

If we keep voting for Democrats, they will keep taxing us until they have taxed us out of all of our money!

When will the insanity stop?

This is how these initiatives actually work. They are not just buzz words.The dems really do support crushing taxes.

This is what totalitarianism looks like!




  1. I feel your pain. We left NY when Mario the pious was in power.The more things change huh.It was a monumental task moving to FL, but my wife says to me all the time ,we were lucky to get out when we did.

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