Elijah Cummings robbed before Trump’s tweets, commissioner robbed week before


Elijah Cummings home was robbed BEFORE Trump began tweeting about crime-infested Baltimore. The break-in took place hours before dawn on Saturday in Druid Heights, West Baltimore.

In addition to criminals, Druid Heights has a lot of rats, according to the Baltimore Sun. It’s not likely Cummings and his wife, a potential crook, spend a lot of time in that apartment.

Did you know that Baltimore has a rat map, similar to San Fran’s poop map? It was the leftist Baltimore Sun that published the hot spots for rats in Baltimore. There is even a movie about Baltimore called The Rat Movie.

Governor Larry Hogan said Elijah Cummings could do more. He also said they are soft on criminals.

A Baltimore deputy commissioner and his wife were robbed at gunpoint on July 19, the police department said the next day.

Deputy Commissioner Daniel Murphy and his wife were walking Friday night near Patterson Park when two 18-year-old thug kids got out of a van with two other thug kids and approached the couple.

“A handgun was displayed and the suspects announced the robbery by demanding their property,” the statement said. A purse, wallet, cash, and cellphones were subsequently taken.

No one was injured during the robbery, which is under investigation, police said.

Murphy was robbed a day after Commissioner Michael Harrison released new plans to reduce violent crime, WBAL reported.


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