Elizabeth Warren Sinks to Nasty Name Calling In Twitter War With Trump

Family Picture Supports Elizabeth Warren's Tale of Being An Indian
Just Kidding!

Elizabeth Warren, Socialist darling of the Progressive left, has been on a rip-Trump jag on Twitter with Trump responding. Warren started it calling him a narcissist, divisive, “incoherent”, and “truly bizarre”, among other insults.

This entire campaign is bizarre and she isn’t all that coherent herself.

Trump tweeted that he hopes Hillary chooses “goofy” Elizabeth Warren as her running mate – he will defeat both of the them. In another tweet he said, “Let’s properly check goofy Elizabeth Warren’s records to see if she is Native American. I say she’s a fraud!” He called her a Clinton “flunky.”

Warren responded, telling him his “goofy” label was “lame” and then saying “we saw what happened when birthers like @realDonaldTrump attacked @BarackObama. They lost big. American voters knew better.”

Oddly, just this week, The Washington Post admitted Hillary was behind the original “birther” story.

Warren added that it hurt Brown with Massachusetts voters.

However, they are socialists like her.

She tweeted that he is a liar and his tweets are “hate-filled”. She says this while calling him every name imaginable.

In one of her tweets, after having called him a “bully”, she sent this message, “If you think recycling Scott Brown’s hate-filled attacks on my family is going to shut me up, @realDonaldTrump, think again buddy. Weak.”

Such bravery! Tweeting tough!

Give me a break!

Donald responded, “Goofy Elizabeth Warren and her phony Native American heritage are on a Twitter rant. She is too easy! I’m driving her nuts.” and in another tweet, “Goofy Elizabeth Warren is weak and ineffective. Does nothing. All talk, no action — maybe her Native American name?”

She cried victimhood after tweeting he was racist, sexist and xenophobic. She said he will never set foot in the White House and they won’t back down.

Donald Trump described “goofy” Elizabeth Warren as having an entire career that has been a “fraud” in this video.

Next is the story of Fauxahontas, it’s not hate, it’s truth. This woman appears to have told Harvard she was Native American:

A Big Oops for the Boston Globe Story on Elizabeth Warren


  1. Elizabeth Warren, or as I prefer to call her, Princess BatShitCrazy,” happens to be among some of THE most despicable people in politics today…and there are MANY. Her only despicable “bestie,” the puppeteer herself, Madam Crooked Hillary.

    So, apparently Warren’s great-great grandfather did have a connection to American Indians…he was among those who herded them together into the Trail of Tears. DESPICABLE. & btw Princess BatShitCrazy, nice big ole mansion you live in…you didn’t build that, did you? Such a great, big mansion for so few people. Perhaps you should adopt a few Syrian Refugee families to “share” your wealth with.

    My own grandmother was what was referred to as a, “half breed,” her mother born of two tribes, Shawnee and Wyandot Indians. These two tribes never resided near each other but, during the Trail of Tears, many Indian Nations were herded together into the Ohio River Valley…thus how my great grandmother came to be.

    Early on in college, in nursing school, I was invited to join the “Talented and Gifted Minorities” group…an invite I respectfully declined. I did not find any integrity taking advantage of the happenstance of my birth. Shortly there after, I did accept, and was honored to be, inducted into the International Honor Society because candidates were chosen solely based upon scholastic achievements in very challenging courses.

    It’s called, Liberty, for good reason…Liberty, the freedom to achieve based upon personal abilities and, dare I say it, HARD WORK.

    As to twitter, I too am having GREAT fun with Sen. Warren … she is “easy,” but do endlessly question mental status of the voters of her state.

  2. One of the most Vile of all Liberals to ever have been elected to the United States Senate. Their is a 5 letter word that better describes her.

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