Elizabeth Warren Tells a Bald-Faced Lie on Meet the Press


Fake Indian Elizabeth Warren told her #MeToo story of sexual harassment on ‘Meet The Press’ last weekend. As a “baby law professor’ [her words], she said she was so excited to have her first real teaching job until the now long-dead Professor Eugene Smith chased her around the desk trying to get his crab-like hands on her.

This is the part of the story that counts:

“…And one day he asked me if I would stop by his office, which I didn’t think much about. And I did. And he slammed the door and lunged for me. It was like a bad cartoon. He’s chasing me around the desk, trying to get his hands on me,” she said.

Warren continued with the terror tale adding, “And I kept saying, ‘You don’t want to do this. You don’t want to do this. I have little children at home. Please don’t do this.’ And trying to talk calmly. And at the same time, what was flickering through my brain is, ‘If he gets hold of me, I’m going to punch him right in the face.’ After several rounds, I jumped for the door and got out. And I went back to my office and I just sat and shook. And thought, ‘What had I done to bring this on?’ And I told my best friend about it. Never said a word to anyone else. But for a long time, I wore a lot of brown.”

She got to the point, “What it means now that so many people have spoken out, is it’s a way to say, ‘We’re here for each other.’ And it’s also a way to say, ‘No. It’s not about what you did. He’s the one who stepped out of line. And this is on him.’”

The Boston Globe checked on the story. They successfully uncovered her fake Native American lineage a few years back.

It turns out Warren told the story before only she described it as lighthearted, silly affair.

She failed to mention Professor Smith’s polio allowed him to walk with difficulty. He wasn’t chasing anyone around the desk. She also forgot to mention she spoke at his service and told of her experience trying to escape from his advances as a fond, matter-of-fact story.

The Boston Globe excused her and wrote things are different now and she didn’t realize how traumatized she was. The truth is we all realize she lied and she lied on air.

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