Elizabeth Warren Wants to Nationalize Corporations So We Too Can Be Venezuela


Fake Indian Elizabeth Warren has a bill to nationalize every major corporation in the United States. She wants to seize private property and turn it over to the inefficient, overly-large government. Can you just see iPhones once the government gets hold of them?

The Communist/Socialist senator would take all control over large corporations from the people. It wouldn’t be long before we would be Venezuela or Cuba. The Scandinavian countries she and Bernie Sanders like to tout as role models don’t run the corporations.

The Orwellian bill is called, “Accountable Capitalism Act.” It’s actually the Unaccountable Socialism/Communism Act. Politicians would have even more power over the people and run the country into the ground even faster than they are now.

The plan, such as it is, would mandate that no business making more than $1 billion in revenue would be permitted to legally operate without permission from the federal government.

The federal government would get to dictate the board members, policies, rules, compensation, and personnel requirements.

The fake Indian basically wants to steal private enterprise in the United States.

It’s illegal but that wouldn’t even put a damper on her enthusiasm. The woman literally hates business and adores big government. That could be a product of her profound ditziness and dishonesty.

She’s out promoting it as if it actually makes sense. Hopefully, she will be the Democratic candidate for president in 2020 because the thief wannabe surely has no chance.

  • Somebody please take Elizabeth Warren out west to meet the cowboys, give her one bow and one arrow and her midget pony

  • If they get the support of the RINO’s and continuation of illegals pouring through our borders, amnesty of some sort, it can happen. The young generation are suckers for the seduction of Socialists, do not count this out as foolishness.

  • Given that this word has been used already, it’s not a surprise for me to say that Elizabeth Warren is a feckless cunt. Others have thought it, so I’ll just say it. As an American who is a quarter Cherokee, I’ll also say Pocahontas isn’t no Native American either. She’s a money and control grubbing Democrat with communistic socialist beliefs. She is actually the very things she accuses Trump of being, herself. Massachusetts, show your Colonial American pride and ‘vote her out’!

  • A companion article at Hoover Institution goes into same details by Richard A. Epstein 8/20/2018– ‘Elizabeth Warren’s Surreptitious Socialism’. “Like many proposals for radical reform, her Accountable Capitalism Act would destroy the institution she says she wants to save. The most obvious problem with Warren’s proposal is that it would likely lead to the largest flight of capital from the United States in history.”