Elizabeth Warren Will Give Luxuries Away for ‘Free’


Chief Warren has a plan to require the government to guarantee Netflix 4K streaming internet for all at the itty bitty cost of $85 billion.

It would provide Netflix to 5 billion people, a number equal to most of the humans populating the Earth.

In her 5-year plan, Warren called for a “public option” for broadband. If her public option for the internet works the way that her public option for healthcare did, private internet will soon be banned. And the government internet will keep shutting off because it’s powered by green energy windmills, Frontpage Magazine reports.

The outlet reports that 100% of 18-29 year olds use the internet. 97% of 30-49 year olds are online. And so are 88% in the 50-64 group. The only lag is among people 65+ of whom, only 73% are online.

Warren claims that many people can’t afford the internet. That 100% says they can.

Almost everyone has internet access. Some people just don’t want it.

Warren has gone way beyond Internet access to government-controlled Internet streaming with a certain minimum broadband speed.

Those are also Netflix’s requirements for 4K streaming. No one needs that — it’s a luxury,

This is the luxury giveaway – making everything a right. That’s what all these leftists are calling for – to replace the Bill of Rights with rights to free college, housing, vacations, food, and on and on.

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