Emmy Awards: A Three-Hour Anti-Trump Hate Fest by the “Resistance” Narcissists


The Emmys gloried in nasty, hate-filled politics for almost the entire three hours. The self-congratulatory narcissists fulfilled their promise of making the Emmys into the most revolting anti-Trump event of all this year’s celebrity trophy shows.

Make no mistake, they are spitting in the face of the millions of Americans who voted for Donald Trump, those who believe in his agenda and anyone on the right. It doesn’t matter who the president is if it’s not a Democrat Socialist.

Emcee Stephen Colbert kicked it off by portraying an out of control world, blaming it on Trump. Virulently anti-right Julia-Louis Dreyfus joined in by singing, “Imagine if your president wasn’t loved by Nazis.” Dreyfus later referred to impeachment.

Colbert’s monologue was nearly five minutes of mocking Trump. He taunted Trump, saying he’s looking forward to the tweets.

Almost every presenter or award presenter lodged a vicious political comment while the world is being threatened by North Korea, Russia, Iran, and others, thanks to Trump’s predecessor.

Alec Baldwin won the award for portraying an idiotic Trump on SNL weekly. He called his portrayal inadvertent birth control for him and his wife.

The comedian who played Hillary Clinton, Kate McKinnon, on SNL praised Hillary for her “grace and grit”. [Barf]

Lily Tomlin, Dolly Parton and communist Jane Fonda presented awards and referred to a show they appeared in together – ‘9 to 5’ – with a boss they described in vile terms, adding, “We still refuse to be controlled by a sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigot.”

John Lithgow, who won an Emmy for his portrayal of Winston Churchill in “The Crown,” compared Trump unfavorably to Winston Churchill.

The Television Academy, which runs the Emmys, bragged about how they gave blacks, black queers, LGBTs awards. It used to be talent and achievement first but this is the hardcore leftist world. They like to feel superior.

Winner Lena Waithe, who directs Netflix’s “Master of None” who described herself as “a queer black girl from the Southside of Chicago” gave a shoutout to “my LGBTQIA family.”


Comedian Kumail Nanjiani, who presented an Emmy, made this comment [forget the reference]: “They also celebrate people who frantically race across international borders, and those who can scale walls really, really quickly. In other words, the president’s worst nightmare.”

Donald Glover, aka the rapper/actor/comedian Childish Gambino, who won an award for outstanding directing for a comedy, won for bitter sarcasm in the end: “I want to thank Trump for making black people number one on the most oppressed list. He’s the reason I’m probably up here.”

The whole blacks are oppressed schtick from people who are making a fortune is getting very tiresome.

Check out these three brief clips. In the first clip with Baldwin, notice the disgusting photo of the President; in the second, they flash onto communist Susan Sarandon who was sitting in the audience.

Leftists were angry that Colbert let Sean Spicer come to the stage for a self-effacing joke. He joked about the size of the crowd from a podium he wheeled in. The knives are out today for Spicer. Someone should have told Spicer you can’t sleep with the enemy.

This is an example of the reactions from the disgusting left.

This man has it exactly right.

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