Employer-Sponsored Healthcare Will Never Be What It Was


Employer-sponsored plan premiums will increase in 2014. Companies are looking for ways to offer less expensive health insurance. For one thing, they are looking to ask employees to contribute more.


Since the Obamacare plans are inferior to the ones currently offered, employers are comparing what they offer to Obamacare plans.

Most employers’ plans cover 80% of expected medical costs. The Obamacare cheapest plan, the Bronze, covers 60% and the Silver plan covers 70%.  Employers are asking insurers if they can offer these types of plans.

According to a risk management survey, 47% of employers increased copays and deductibles in 2013. In the next 3 to 5 years, 43% of employers are looking to increase them. In 2013, 13% increased employees out of pocket with another 10% increase coming in 2014. This is from a report on the Neil Cavuto show on December 19.

Healthcare is going to be under the government’s full control so whenever the government sees something as appropriate, we will have no choice about what we are covered for and we will have to pay for it.

Take sex change operations, for example.

Leftists are urging HHS to cover sex change operations under Obamacare. I guess they think the premiums and deductibles aren’t high enough. They are a privileged class after all, whom the rest of us have to pay for. Meanwhile my aunt can’t get her jaw operated on, despite discomfort, because it is an elective surgery. She’s not in a protected class.



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