Empty Stadiums on Week 6 As NFL Backlash Continues


Sporting News reported that TV networks at first wouldn’t show the angry fans booing the [anti-American] players [disrespecting the flag] but now they are ignoring the protests completely and are refusing to show the Anthem.

If you can’t see it, you are supposed to forget it’s happening.

Michael McCarthy wrote: “Protests? What protests? There were virtually no live shots of NFL players sitting, kneeling or standing Sunday during the playing of “The Star-Spangled Banner,” much less footage of fans booing players.”

At first the networks showed the Anthem and the kneeling players although that was not the usual practice. They are back to not showing them.

The NFL TV partners are worried as this protest goes into week 6.

Through Week 5, the NFL TV numbers were down 7.2 percent, according to Nielsen data. That drop came on top of a 7 percent downturn last season. Through Week 5 of the 2017 season, NFL games averaged 15.2 million viewers, according to Nielsen. That’s down 7.42 percent from an average of 16.371 million viewers through the same period of the 2016 season, and 18 percent down from the average of 18.438 million viewers through the first five weeks of the 2015 season.

The NFL needs to end this fast or people will have found other sports they like as much or more, many won’t come back.

Several of the 49ers kneeled and they are now 0-6. Not much incentive to watch their games.

Lots of empty seats

Look at the stadiums for the Baltimore Ravens, the Houston Texans, the Atlanta Falcons, and the New York Jets in the photos on this tweet.

Cards vs. Bucs:

Kenny Stills, Mike Thomas and Julius Thomas stayed in the locker room for the anthem but came out to rejoin their team after it was over. All members of the Falcons stood for the anthem but 10 did not interlock arms.

Banner flown over the Jaguars

The Jacksonville Jaguars [who do often have poor attendance, but still]:

Actor James Woods put up a good tweet.

Week 6 Kneelers

Packers vs. Vikings

All members of the Packers and Vikings stood during the national anthem. The Packers linked arms as a team once again.

Lions vs. Saints

All members of the Lions and Saint stood for the national anthem. The Lions linked arms for the anthem for the second consecutive week.

Patriots vs. Jets

All Patriots and Jets players stood during the national anthem. Jets players linked arms. The Patriots players put one hand on their teammates’ back and another one on their heart.

49ers vs. Redskins

Six 49ers players including Marquise Goodwin, Eli Harold, Arik Armstead, Joe Williams, Eric Reid and Donte Johnson took a knee for the national anthem. The Redskins all stood for the anthem.

Bears vs. Ravens

All members of the Ravens and Bears stood for the national anthem. There was no moment of prayer at M&T Bank Stadium like there was two weeks ago. Fans booed the players during the prayer.

Buccaneers vs. Cardinals

All members of the Buccaneers and Cardinals stood for the national anthem.

Rams vs. Jaguars

All members of the Rams and Jaguars stood for the national anthem.

Steelers vs. Chiefs

All members of the Steelers stood for the national anthem. On the Chiefs’ side, Ukeme Eligwe sat while Marcus Peters kneeled.

Chargers vs. Raiders 

All members of the Raiders stood for the national anthem except for Marshawn Lynch, who sat on the bench and was hidden by water coolers. Russell Okung of the Chargers raised his first during the national anthem.

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