End Tipping & End Slavery, Do What Bernie Does Instead, Cut Hours


The House of Representatives recently voted for a $15 minimum wage and sent it up to the Senate where it will most likely be ignored. It will kill up to 3.7 million jobs and keep startups out of business. Even if it somehow makes it to the President, he will veto it and it will die there.

There is more to the bill.

A bartender woman is happy to receive a tip at work. The concept of service.

There is a provision that eliminates the minimum allowed for tipped workers, something most tipped workers do not support. They get paid $2.13 an hour but if the tips don’t cover up to the minimum, the employer makes the difference.

Service workers can still make a good wage on jobs that support tipping and it doesn’t take a lot of education or experience to perform the work.

Dr. William Barber, an extremist pastor, says tipping is racist. It was a way for whites to pay less to workers freed by the Civil War.

So, he thinks it was once a result of slavery and we all must abandon the practice. He calls tipping immoral.

It’s not only the good pastor, far-left Soros-tied publications, like Mother Jones, are pushing the idea. Democrats, in general, are supporting it. Most of the anti-tipping rhetoric is driven by the very people who direct the Democrat Party — the MSM. See here and here and here and here for more on the ‘racist tipping’ mantra.

In 2014, Vox said tipping perpetuates racism, classism, and poverty, let’s get rid of it.

These people are all minimum wage extremists — one pay for all. It will most likely kill the salaries of the wait staff.

Most people believe the practice began back in the 1600s, although we imagine tipping was thought of long before that. The word originates from the 16th-century verb tip, which meant “to give, hand, pass” and “to tap”, possibly being derived from the Low German word tippen, meaning “to tap.”  Whatever the history, no one is enslaved now and people who work for tips like it the way it is.

People who see racism in tips are really in need of counseling. Tipping varies by service and culture. It’s a good thing for a lot of people who can’t make a good living otherwise.

The truth is it’s nothing more than direct payment for a service. The idea of eliminating tipping is a scam by the minimum wage fanatics.


As we look at this, we see a real-life example of how the hard-left Democrat party will handle it. Socialist Bernie Sanders is paying his employees less than $15 an hour and making them work 60 hours a week minimum. The workers have called foul so he’s worked out a solution. He will pay $15 an hour but he’s cutting hours.

Campaign manager Faiz Shakir told Newsweek that the campaign has been in talks with United Food & Commercial Workers Local 400 to secure a more acceptable pay rate but the union had refused their offer to bump up campaign salaries to $42,000 per year because– and this is quite amazingly unbelievable — it meant they would be making too much money to be eligible for full healthcare benefits.

Discussions are still underway, but in the meantime, Shakir says the campaign will guarantee a $15/hour by — and this is amazingly unbelievable — cutting the amount of hours staffers can work in a week.

“We look forward to continuing those discussions and obviously are disappointed that some individuals decided to damage the integrity of these efforts before they were concluded,” Shakir said. “As these discussions continue, we are limiting hours so no employee is receiving less than $15 for any hours worked.”

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