Endless Numbers of Fake Refugees Poured into the USA for Decades


Huge numbers of fake Kenyan refugees have been pouring into the country thanks to the U.N.

Corrupt U.N. officials were reportedly helping Kenyans come over as fake Somali refugees in what the Kenyans thought was like “winning the lottery.” This has been going on for decades.

The middlemen pocketed lots of cash.

“It is at the very beginning of the process — before the applicant even gets to the U.S. embassy vetting, the selection has been done at the UN level,” one facilitator told CNN. “The UN will know the criteria and make sure the paying clients match all the requirements. So, it can be cooked at the UN level.”

“Before the Trump ban it was a booming business,” he said.

Trump’s “travel ban” in early 2017 presented a challenge to refugee resettlement since it included a moratorium on refugees. Chaos in Somalia pushed many people over the border into Kenya where the refugee camps expanded.

According to CNN, the refugee camps in Kenya swelled from thousands to hundreds of thousands.

The State Department has zero-tolerance for fraud and the program will not continue.

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