Enemy Combatants to Be Given a Civilian Trial in New York


Abu Hamza al-Masri
Abu Hamza al-Masri

Enemy combatants are common criminals, radical Islamic terrorism does not exist, and there is no war of terror being waged against the United States. At least that is what President Obama and Eric Holder believe.

Terrorist, Abu Hamza, who should be heading for GITMO, is now in New York where residents will get to pay for his extremely expensive trial to be followed up by costly appeals. If he is found guilty, New Yorkers will get to pay for his upkeep in a New York prison where he will get to radicalize other prisoners.

What a deal.

Perhaps the federal government will pick up much of the tab. It will still be New York’s problem.

Hamza has been in the UK fighting extradition for years.

He is one more suspected terrorist being treated like a criminal instead of being treated like a prisoner of war.

Hamza is accused of setting up a terrorist training camp in Oregon and being involved in the abduction of 16 tourists in Yemen in 1998, including two Americans.

He advocated violent jihad in Afghanistan in 2001.

Hamza called Sept. 11th ”a towering day in history” and told followers that Osama bin laden was “a good guy and a hero.”

Four other terrorists were extradited from the U.K. with him, two will go on trial in New York and two in Connecticut. Unsurprisingly, David Cameron is “delighted” to have them out of the U.K.

Hamza’s attorneys are already saying he is too mentally and physically ill to go to trial.

On October 2nd, Eric Holder decided to buy an Illinois prison despite the fact that Congress rejected the bid outright. The lawless Holder undoubtedly plans to move the GITMO terrorists to the United States. We will see more of this lawlessness when President Obama has “more flexibility.”

We are spending money on this prison when we have a perfectly good prison in Guantanamo, Cuba because the Obama administration wants to ignore the reality of war and terrorism. It is presidential malfeasance.

The return of these men to face trial in New York is a perfect example of this presidential malfeasance. The move is being lauded as a win for the country when it is not. If they were heading for GITMO, I would say it was. They cost us nothing while they were in the U.K. but they will cost us a great deal now.

The president thinks the world will like us if we house the terrorists in this country instead of at GITMO.

Crimes by enemies of war should be considered acts of war not criminal offenses. This administration told the military on the battlefield to read Miranda rights to terrorists because the administration doesn’t understand that we are at war. The result is the military doesn’t bother to capture prisoners and we are losing valuable intelligence.  GITMO is not okay but drones are okay.

The thought of this president having our country’s fate in his hand for another four years should be terrifying to people.

There was a great deal of outrage when Holder attempted to put the  9-11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed on trial in New York. Holder was forced to shelve the idea. However, the principle of giving prisoners of war civilian trials in the states is alive and well.

What Holder could not achieve then, he is achieving through a slow erosion of our understanding of war and what it means to be an enemy of our country.

At first Holder said that if the accused was a U.S. citizen then a civilian trial made sense. What’s the excuse now? Hamza is not a U.S. citizen. We also have the NDAA which allows the administration to hold U.S. citizens without due process under the Patriot Act.

The media is complicit in furthering this idea that combatants are to be given constitutional rights.

A lot of people really hate us and really seek our annihilation but the administration refuses to recognize this simple fact.

Author Mark Bowden told Vanity Fair that Obama had hoped to capture Osama bin Laden and give him a criminal trial in the states. If Obama had succeeded in this, Osama would have become an incomprehensible burden for us as he played martyr before the Islamic world.

Barack Obama and Eric Holder hold a very dangerous and unrealistic view of the world, one which will leave us open to destruction by our enemies.

Read about the Illinois prison at ABC News


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