‘Enemy of the People’ Acosta Mobbed by No One at a Grand Book Signing


Usually, book signings are to meet your fans and sign books while they flatter you. Not so for Jim Acosta. No one was at this book signing to see him and he was surrounded by unsold books on the counter advertising discounts. Acosta claimed it was a “surprise signing.” Perhaps, but you must notice that people in the book store ignored him?

Discounts on the book already. Lots of unsold books and no audience.

He tweeted these photos of himself standing alone just signing books with no people there coming to see him. It’s reminiscent of the time last year when he stood next to a big fence on the border saying he couldn’t see any illegals crossing. He doesn’t have a good sense of the optics here. The publisher could have hired some actors for the photo-op.

As you may have guessed, he didn’t need any security for this event.

Here he is on June 11th at a book signing and interview. Look, no people!

If you want a COLLECTIBLE signed book with a plate, just pay $30 on this link or not.

Here are a few more reactions for your reading pleasure.

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