Some in England Want to Ban Its Flag to Avoid Offending Liberals Who Are Offended for Muslims


english flag

All across England the flag bearing the St. George’s cross was being banned during the World Cup. The The Sun newspaper has been calling on readers to defy the leftists behind it and wear, drape and fly the flag everywhere. The reason for the banning is it might offend Muslims.

The white leftists are the ones who want to ban it, not Muslims. They are offended for them. The Muslims aren’t offended.

In one German city, an official says the German majority in their city will no longer be the majority and that’s a good thing.

Listen to the entire video, it will soon be us. We are already banned from using Indian names which Americans used proudly. The leftists say you cannot steal a culture by using their names, their headdresses or sombreros, their music, but it’s okay to let invaders take over.

SOURCES: Daily Star UK, The Sun, Express UK, Daily Mail UK,IBTimes,the telegraph UK



  1. Wow – giving up a flag of ones nation so that invaders are not insulted. Our civilized world will soon be run by the Muslims who hate everything except Islam.

  2. Advice to England: Just wave the white flag of surrender. You’ve already lost the culture war and are already doomed.

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