Enormous Government Land Grab Underway Over Mountains and Wetlands


Santa Monica Mountains

Throughout the nation, local, state, and federal government are seeking to or actually are limiting private property owners’ rights to their own properties to such a point that they barely have any rights at all.

The latest case is in California.

The Santa Monica Local Mountains Coastal plan is underway in California:

  1. It prohibits new agricultural projects. If you want a vineyard, a farm, or grow crops within the Santa Monica mountains on your own land, you will be prohibited from doing so.
  2. Owners of property are being told by the government that they have to set aside 75% of their land to open spaces without compensation.
  3. It also adds many lands to these restrictions that never had these restrictions in the past.

The Pacific Legal Foundation has now taken up the case. They began with a letter to the LA County Board of Supervisors advising them of the restrictions on the government’s rights over private property. The County ignored the letter and approved the policies. The coastal commission is now reviewing the plan. The Pacific Legal Foundation (PacificLegal.org) has advised the commission that this is unconstitutional.

At the same time, the EPA is attempting an unbelievable land grab with a new EPA rule to save wetlands.


The Administrator of the EPA, Gina McCarthy, is testing the power of the EPA in advance of the passage of harsh new rules that will give the EPA control of all the bodies of water in the country. The EPA sees themselves as the overseers of all water on all property in the United States, public or private, whether it be lakes, streams or even ditches.  Click on this link to read about a landowner in Wyoming who is facing abuse by the EPA over this rule.

Listen to a Fox News discussion:

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