ENTERTAINING! BuzzFeed Is Getting Pilloried on Social Media


We have two stories up about BuzzFeed. Within 42 minutes of the first story exploring the BS BuzzFeed story, we had to update with the news that Mueller debunked it here. Then we had to update to say BuzzFeed was sticking by their story and challenging Mueller to explain what facts he disagreed with. It’s quite remarkable that they would stick with the story and then expect Mueller to respond.

The BuzzFeed story might have been a real story, planted by people who wanted to hurt the President, but who knows. We will learn more as the days roll on.

Social media is afire and BuzzFeed is getting the thrashing they deserve. If nothing else, it’s entertaining!

Rudy Guiliani wants an investigation of the sources for the BuzzFeed story. He’s right. If there are leakers as BuzzFeed claims, they need to be held to account. They are allegedly in law enforcement and they are breaking the law. The leakers must be exposed.

The President responded:

This is damaging to all media. They went with a story without anyone seeing the evidence. CNN and MSNBC went with the story without fact-checking. They portrayed it as factual.

This is funny even with the typos.

We could go on all day with the Twitter annihilation of BuzzFeed.

And then there’s Dan Bongino!

And Terrence Williams!

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