Entire 7th Fleet Loses Their Liberty and the 21st Amendment


Some Japanese want US sailors to leave. Let's do exactly that or at least reduce our presence.
Some Japanese want US sailors to leave. Let’s do exactly that or at least reduce our presence.

The Japanese are major holders of our debt. At last count the central bank owned around $2.5 trillion worth of Treasuries, up from around $800 billion at the end of 2007. We borrow from them and provide their defense without any real compensation. As if that isn’t enough, many hate us and want us gone.

There is an easy answer – let’s go! This isn’t a criticism of the Japanese people. They’re honorable but they really don’t seem to want us there.

All the sailors of the 7th Fleet in Okinawa have been deprived of their constitutional right to drink, despite the 21st Amendment, because a handful of sailors disgraced themselves in Okinawa. The entire fleet also lost their liberty, among other things.

Nationwide anger is brewing in Japan because of three incidents and because of an incident in 1995. It stems from deep-seated anger and hatred towards their “occupiers” because of three, admittedly bad crimes, by three in US service.

The government of Okinawa wants the Americans off the island and as a result the Navy is island shopping for a new base(s). Immediately before Obama apologized at Hiroshima, Japan’s Prime Minister scolded Obama over a “despicable” Okinawa Murder. Obama responded by saying “we consider it unacceptable.”

There were two cases involving the murder and rape of two young Japanese women, a third incident saw a US sailor Aimee Mejia, 21, with six times the legal alcohol limit go on a joyride, hitting two cars in the wrong lane.

The Japanese in general have a serious problem with alcoholism. Binge-drinking is fine and they even have alcohol in vending machines.

The other two crimes were worse. Navy serviceman Justin Castellanos, 24, is accused of taking a young woman to his hotel and raping her, a charge he has denied. In another case, Kenneth Franklin Shinzato, 32, a former Marine and a contractor, led police to the body of a murdered 20-year old.

These men, if guilty, should be punished to the fullest extent of the law but why are all the men being put under this shadow, catering to the anger of the anti-American Japanese in the country?

They indicted all the sailors.

From the statement:

Sailors who live off base will be permitted to travel to and from work and engage in official actions such as childcare drop-off and pickup, trips to the grocery store, gas stations or the gym. The liberty curtailment will remain in effect until face-to-face training has been conducted by unit commanding officers, executive officers and command master chiefs with all personnel.

The alcohol restriction will remain in effect until C7F and CNFJ are comfortable that all personnel understand the impact of responsible behavior on the U.S.-Japan Alliance and the United States’ ability to provide security and stability in the Indo-Asia-Pacific.

More than 18 thousand sailors can’t drink and are restricted to base because a few criminals among them committed crimes. The bad guys should be punished, not the entire fleet. It makes the entire fleet look guilty to an already suspicious population. Some Japanese see Americans as invaders despite the fact that we pay for their defense.

Perhaps the military should be compensated by the Japanese who were once our attackers. We provide their defense at a hefty cost to American taxpayers. The sailors also help their economy and that should stop too.

What kind of military leadership do we have in Japan? Confirming to the Japanese people that all servicemen are suspect is wrong-headed.

Rear Admiral Matthew Carter is the “leader” who made the decision but word has it that he didn’t shut down the officer’s club or limit any officers’ freedom. If it’s good for innocent sailors, why isn’t it good for the officers especially since one – a lieutenant – was arrested for allegedly groping a Japanese woman?

Reduce the money, time, effort we put into protecting Japan and leave them to their own because they really don’t want us there and we can’t keep borrowing from them, China and others to pay for it.

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